Lexit Partners With Tokenport to Develop Security Token Ecosystem


LEXIT and Tokenport will work together to bring higher liquidity for IP, assets, and parts of or entire companies. The vision of this partnership is to expand the digitization of assets into tokens, which can be sold, traded, and shared among different owners later .

Lexit (LXT) aims to offer entrepreneurs unfettered access to a mergers and acquisitions (M&A) market currently carrying with it a substantial cost barrier. This is consistent with the issues that Tokenport seek to resolve: traditional assets are illiquid and thus currently require a large network of participants in order to make a sale, which means that it takes time and money to complete a trade or transfer.

The digitization of shares in real estate, funds, and companies means Tokenport can reduce the friction involved in trades and ultimately help businesses to grow more quickly. The immutability and transparency provided by the blockchain makes for a far more seamless and cost efficient process, while also opening up a global market that issuers and investors alike can access. This is also part of the Lexit ideal; distributed ledger technology on the blockchain means that a company of any size is able to access a worldwide marketplace, conducting trades more quickly and easily than ever before.

Tokenized securities from Tokenport can benefit from being listed on the Lexit platform, which includes a marketplace designed to facilitate rapid transactions on the blockchain. The LXT token furthers this goal by creating a standard for all transactions—this native token can be used for all trades on Lexit, and also pays the fees for network services such as advisory and legal help.

Major benefits of Lexit working with Tokenport are self-evident; securities as tokens work well on the blockchain, and could offer instant settlement of deals, high liquidity, much cheaper transaction fees and 24/7 trading. It could be as easy as shopping online, which would takepower away from middlemen and third parties and place it firmly back into the hands of entrepreneurs everywhere. This is the potential of a system that uses self-executing smart contracts which can be automatically used to process and finalize any trade.

Advisory and legal assistance for M&As comes at a high price and the market currently, to no small degree, serves to favour larger companies. SMEs would stand to benefit by being able to liquidise IP and assets on a scale that was not before possible, with security tokens set to represent a new era of liquidity for assets such as equities, bonds, funds, artwork, among many others.

With Tokenport, it will soon be possible to put a wide range of corporate assets on the blockchain through tokenization. This makes them the ideal partner to help stimulate the trade of assets on the Lexit marketplace, which will function as a liquidation venue for Tokenport security tokens. Users can trade them alongside corporate assets that are listed on Lexit, as well as more abstract assets such as IP ownership, licensing, and usage rights.

About Lexit:

Lexit is the first online marketplace designed to buy and sell companies, intellectual property and assets. Through blockchain technology, token economics, and a centralized platform, Lexit allows M&A processes to be concluded four times as fast, at about a quarter of the traditional costs. Entrepreneurs are empowered to discover the true value of their assets on a vibrant and highly liquid marketplace, without having to bear overpriced prepayments. And most importantly – an efficient market for IP and patents is established, allowing companies to trade assets as conveniently as one would buy or sell a car or real estate.

About Tokenport:

Tokenport is a leading regulated security token issuance platform. Tokenport provides end to end advisory and management of real world security issuances, placing ownership squarely on the blockchain, creating transparency, speed and cost efficiencies whilst accessing global markets of both issuers and investors alike. Digitising shares in real estate, funds and companies, Tokenport continues to reduce friction and complexity allowing businesses to reach their true potential.

Lexit Contact:

Nikita Samylin

[email protected]