Cryptoslang And How To Speak It


With the increasing number of blockchain communities there is a distinction that comes about with those who understand the technology and the lingo that comes with it and those who are unaware of the same.  For those who wish to speak crypto slang or at least understand what it is being discussed by others, here are some helpful terms and explanations about them.

  • FUD

This is a crypto slang that would be apparent to you if you are speculating about investing in an ICO event. The term stands for fear, uncertainty and doubt. This term explains the feelings of any investor and in many cases news and media information often spreads FUD. Also, as crypto currency prices fluctuate by the minute FUD is a term that is very relevant in this current stage of most blockchain based ventures and their community of investors.

  • HODL

This might seem a typo for the word hold, as if not to sell is being signified in a panic. It might have originated as a typo, but later it became an acronym which indicates that one should hold on, and that such a person is not disturbed by FUD.


This term stands for Lamborghini which has become a symbol for the absurd levels of success and wealth that the world of crypto currency can generate. However, this is now to be shown by those who are true members of the community and are holding onto crypto currencies and not selling them off and making their wealth of them.


This term indicates that large amounts of a certain crypto currency that is the pump has been created and when the price soars, then the investors sell off, which causes the dump; this is similar to how many speculative movements happen in financial asset market.


This term indicates that the price of a crypto currency coin is spiking. It is an optimistic projection of the price and Hodlmoon is a term that would indicate that one holds till price soars. Price mooing could also be created as a fake run. My vanilla is a reloadable prepaid card by which you can withdraw money instantly anywhere.


This term indicates a big money invested in the world of crypto currencies. There are exclusive whale clubs formed by investment syndicates and wealthy investors; they are even identified by the knickknacks and crypto themed clothing they wear.

  • FIAT

This term indicates currency money that is declared legal by governments. It indicates normal money, such as US dollars.


This is a term that showcases instances when Bitcoin’s superior position in the crypto currency market gets replaced by any other currency.

These are some of the slang terms that have generated over discussions that are held among cryptocurrency enthusiasts, investors who follow the market are investing in ICO events, and indulge in discussions & speculations about what the latest trends and movements of the different launched crypto currencies. Most terms are linked to speculations and hype and indicate the volatile nature of this emerging community in the digital world.

Image: CC0 Creative Commons