now accepts Bitcoin Cash


With the Festival season in full swing, the award winning dynamic, independent media group with a diverse live events calendar that includes festivals, international music events and bespoke events are now looking to further expand their reach by accepting Bitcoin Cash for online transactions via Bitcoin Cash is the world’s only digital, low-cost, fast, secure transaction-based currency.

With magazine subscriptions and seamless online purchase and shipping available using Bitcoin, much like the digital sales of music online, the financial heart of the music industry has regained full control of it’s product base with very much at the centre of this movement.

Clash Media Group Managing Director, Alex Thompson explains: “Clash have long been early adopters and quick to recognise and adapt to the lifestyle changes and content consumption patterns of our fast growing consumer audience. We feel our high quality product and values are deserving of an equally secure and seamless purchase method for our customer base and the use of Bitcoin Cash is another social trend we’ve been tracking. With transaction fees notably lower than other payment mediums, acceptance of crypto-currency comes as a huge plus for Clash as a vendor. With Bitcoin now directly integrated to check out in our online store, we plan to expand acceptance of crypto-currency into our other consumer facing services and solutions including ticketing, e-commerce and premium gated content, alongside our B2B solutions such as display advertising and our newly launched services offering.”

Average transaction costs on BCH are $0.002 compared with $2 with the segwit Bitcoin and 2-4% of Visa. That’s why pioneering merchants like Virgin Atlantic are happy to accept the burgeoning cryptocurrency as a payment method.

If you are a merchant looking to on board a BCH payment solution, please contact the team at who can help with the process, without any charges or commissions.