Coinzilla – Best Bitcoin Advertising Network?


Until not long ago, ensuring first-rate traffic was one of the biggest issues in the crypto universe, as lots of crypto businesses struggled to meet demands in order to survive. Clearly, a new, innovative advertising solution had to be developed.

In November 2016, the world has seen the birth of Coinzilla – a smart digital advertising platform that delivers compelling monetization solutions for crypto services. Coinzilla has seen rapid and impressive growth over what is relatively a short timeframe, and it is currently one of the top three crypto advertising networks on the market.

When asked about how he came up with the idea behind Coinzilla, the platform’s CEO, Tiberiu Stingaciu, mentioned that his colleagues had a very important role to play in his decision. It was them who suggested the involvement in this ever-growing and fascinating world of cryptocurrency. They also hinted at the excellent opportunity of developing one of the first crypto advertising agencies, especially one that promoted transparency and seriousness.

After reaching out to publishers and website owners involved in the crypto world, Coinzilla became the successful platform it is today, making it the de-facto service for users interested in promoting crypto-related content (coins, ICOs, and other crypto services). Currently, the platform delivers more than 350 million ads per month.

Above all else, Coinzilla is mostly known for its effective adverts in the form of floating IAB banners and press release system. One of the main missions of Coinzilla’s design department is the creation of banners that offer high visibility and excellent engagement rates alike. Coinzilla banners can be seen on some of the most well-known crypto portals, such as,,,,,, and other big names.

The platform is created to cater for the needs of most users, including novices. Creating an account is hardly challenging, since you’re only required to click the “START ADVERTISING” button from the upper right part of the main web interface and to fill out the required form.

Afterwards, you will receive a confirmation email which also contains extra information regarding your newly created account. Coinzilla accepts payments in BTC, ETH, and EUR, with a minimum amount of 0.05 BTC. The recommended budget for a large campaign is between 1000 and 2000 EUR per day. Coinzilla users, and advertisers interested in long-term partnerships in principle, are provided with a wide array of special packages that involve bonuses and rewards.

Once the account has been created and confirmed, you can start your advertising campaign by logging in and by clicking the “New Ad Campaign” button. One very important thing to note here is ensuring that your campaign is set up according to your objective. For example, if you want to target potential investors specifically, then you should select the Premium plan that offers a useful S.M.A.R.T. system which helps target that specific category of users. Alternatively, you can go with a brand awareness campaign designed to heavily boost your business’ exposure.

You are provided with multiple types of ads and banners, with a wide assortment of features. Almost all Coinzilla banners feature the same number of user interactions.

The list of supported formats for the banners includes PNG, JPEG, GIF, and HTML. Any type of animation can be used, just as long as the banner doesn’t hinder the user’s navigation on the page, and the maximum size does not exceed the 500 KB mark.

The Coinzilla design team is at your service, ready to create banners specially tailored for you and your crypto business. If you are interested in this service, please feel free to contact the account manager. Advertisers who deposit a minimum of 10.000 EUR for their campaigns benefit from free banners.

One very essential tool in the online advertising field is the A-B testing. This practice helps you create multiple useful campaigns without spending too much money. It’s also very useful at helping you determine which type of campaign is better suited for your business. It does require an initial investment; however, this method helps you save a lot of money in the long run.

Another noteworthy feature is the geo-targeting. As its name suggests, it allows you to choose the exact country from where to receive traffic. To activate this feature, you need to contact your account manager and provide all the necessary campaign information. Geo-targeting is especially useful in countries with rigorous regulations concerning crypto adverts and businesses.

The account manager can also help you if you want to block off traffic from various types of devices.

The first thing to do before starting your campaign is to set up the desired CPM price. In order to ensure the best results, Coinzilla advises that you use the recommended prices. If you go for the lowest possible price, you will most likely receive a low conversion rate, with a modest number of clicks and impressions. Doing the opposite, opting to pay a higher price, will result in a higher amount of traffic, and in an improved conversion rate. The best alternative is to choose the “recommended price” option for a typical campaign, and the “optimal price” if you want to ensure a higher conversion, but without overspending.

After all the aspects of your campaign have been defined, you can send it to Coinzilla for reviewing. If more details are required, you will be contacted by your account manager. If not, then the campaign will simply start and you will begin receiving high-quality traffic for your crypto projects.