5% Discount on Tong Jerky with Bitcoin!


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Tong Jerky

The story of Tong Jerky started back in 2010  when the founders were in college together in Los Angeles. They traveled extensively looking for the best meat produce to eat, which is how they discovered biltong, a traditional South African cured meat snack similar to beef jerky. In 2016 the pair was finally inspired to bring their own biltong inspired beef jerky to the masses. They did this by combining the best features of biltong with traditional American beef jerky. This led to years of research and experimenting with various techniques and flavors in order to manufacture the finest product possible. In 2018 they finalized what they consider to be the perfect twist to this American classic. The result is an exemplary combination of taste and texture, coupled with a blend of spices that have been 30 years in the making. Tong’s mission is to deliver a high quality soft and flavorful steak jerky for everyone to enjoy.

We are proud to announce that Tong Jerky is accepting Bitcoin payments. Use the promo code “crypto” for a 5% discount.


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