DECENT and �Naughty America Productions� Partner to Create a Blockchain-based Content Distribution Platform


Bitcoin Press Release: DECENT and Naughty America will work together to create a blockchain based Digital Rights Management solution for IP and privacy protection.

October 3, 2016 Geneva, Switzerland � The Swiss Blockchain Company, DECENT and Naughty America, one of the major adult content production companies in the USA have agreed to work on a pilot project that will implement progressive Digital Rights Management (DRM) by utilizing the most recent advancements in Blockchain Technology, Digital Video Fingerprinting and Cryptography.

The aim of this collaboration is to create a next-generation content distribution platform in the adult video industry, currently plagued by illegal content sharing and privacy concerns. The collaboration will set a new bar in the future of digital content distribution systems by including the use of Blockchain technology for Intellectual Property (IP) and privacy protection to existing technologies.

The adult entertainment industry has always been working on perfecting and broadening the commercialization opportunities offered by existing technologies. As the industry works with interactive motion controlled videos, biofeedback, 360 degree and 3D videos, Naughty America, as an industry leader has already adopted VR content distribution. Naughty America’s content is available for Samsung Gear VR, Oculus, and Vive, in addition to its own Google Cardboard derived VR headset.

Speaking about the collaboration with DECENT, the CIO of Naughty America, Ian Paul said,

�Fighting piracy and protecting privacy are key priorities for Naughty America. Decent offers us the ability to accomplish both at the same time due to the technology’s level of security, transparency, and inalterability of records.�

Video and music production and distribution companies across the world are constantly trying to find an effective solution to copyright infringement. A solution that would ensure the protection of their business and clients while being interesting for their customers and audience is of great interest to the industry. But Blockchain companies working on the current problems in this sector are few and far between.

Digital video fingerprinting is a process in which a software identifies unique components of a video file that serve as its �fingerprint�. The technology uses characteristic features such as motion changes, color or key frame analysis for identification. This unique approach adopted by DECENT’s underlying technology makes it possible to track and secure each piece of content on the network from the moment it is created and uploaded, effectively preventing piracy.

�In comparison to what is widely used today � hash coding, can only determine a completely equal or unequal file. The DECENT system will distinguish between genuine and copied content using detailed analysis of file’s characteristics,�

Said Matej Boda, co-founder of DECENT. He added,

�We look forward to exploring the huge potential of blockchain technology in combination with current industry solutions along with Naughty America in the upcoming pilot project,�

DECENT and Naughty America are determined to develop an efficient distribution system that will benefit the content producers as well as its end users while combating copyright violations.

DECENT is currently in the middle of a highly successful ICO, raising funds for further development of the project. The 8 week long ICO went live on September 11, 2016, raising over $2.4 million on the very first day, and is now to date close to reaching 4 million. The ongoing ICO offers an excellent opportunity for the investors to be part of DECENT’s blockchain based content distribution platform.


DECENT is a Geneva-based foundation with teams spread around the globe with offices in Switzerland and Slovakia; collaborators in Ukraine, Luxembourg, Shanghai and Australia. The DECENT decentralized digital content distributed platform has partnered with CCEDK to launch its highly successful ICO. Earlier, the company had raised 500,000 euros in funding from Element Capital LLC, an US-Chinese fund.

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