Dashpay Magazine is now THE DASH TIMES Covering Bitcoin, Blockchain, and Dash News


Bitcoin Press Release: After six months of providing Dash and Cryptocurrency News, Dashpay Magazine has now rebranded to The Dash Times.

Dashpay Magazine has served thousands of people with professional coverage of happenings in the virtual currency space. The move is necessary to take the news platform to new heights, allowing The Dash Times to serve its readers and supporters better.

The move will see Dashpay Magazine rebrand/transition to The Dash Times; this will also affect the URL of the blog which will be redirected/moved from dashpaymagazine.com to thedashtimes.com.

This change will see the loudest voice in the Dash community widen its content scope to cover Financial Technology and Blockchain news in the coming weeks. The Dash Times will also add depth to its writing team to increase the quality, quantity of posts and provide more avenues for businesses in the Cryptocurrency sector to reach its audience.

Despite the transition, the core mission of the first Dash commercial blog has not changed and is not set to change anytime soon. The Dash Times is committed to educating and informing people about the Dash Project.

Chief Editor of The Dash Times, Elisha Owusu described the move as one to place the blog in line with the current branding of Dash:

Just like Bitcoin blogs we focus on Dash and our branding must correspond to that of the Bitcoin alternative. Dashpay was an initial branding attempt of the project which has been changed and is a poor representation of Digital Cash (DASH) which may also lead to further confusion, hence the change.

To learn more about The Dash Times please go to: http://thedashtimes.com/

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