DECENT Blockchain Platform ICO Raises Over 4138 BTC in Two Days


Bitcoin Press Release: The DECENT blockchain based decentralized content distribution platform’s ICO with CCEDK kicks off on a high note raising more than $2,517,000 in 2 days.

September 13, 2016, Blokhus, Denmark � The Switzerland-based DECENT decentralized content distribution platform has announced the launch of its ICO in association with CCEDK, a Danish cryptocurrency startup crowdfunding solutions provider. The ICO has gained tremendous traction, raising over 4138 BTC in less than 2 days.

DECENT will allow content creators and enterprises to build a wide variety of applications on the open-source protocol to suit their requirements. DECENT based apps can be used for blogs, music publishing and streaming, e-book publishing, software sales, indie games development and more. Unlike other platforms, DECENT eliminates middlemen and third parties to maximize content creators’ profits.

The venture has attracted developers, ambassadors and business advisors from various parts of the world. By using blockchain technology with strong encryption protocols, DECENT ensures the confidentiality of information, preventing access and modification from third parties. Any content distributed over DECENT will stay encrypted until the intended recipient uses the right key to decrypt it for consumption.

The DECENT (DCT) crypto-token crowd sale was launched on Sunday, September 11, 2016, at 1300 hours GMT. The 8 week long ICO saw a sale of over 25 million DCTs in the initial few hours. Proceeds from the ICO will be utilized by DECENT to fund the development of future releases, protocol optimization, maintenance, associated operational, administrative and logistical costs. Once the funds are allocated for these activities, any remaining funds will be utilized towards legal expenses and covering other marketing and community outreach costs.

In order to launch a successful ICO, DECENT has entered into a partnership with CCEDK, a Danish cryptocurrency firm specializing in crowd-fundraising and promoting startups in the sector. The platform has struck a special deal with CCEDK to avoid the standard ICO pre-launch service on OpenLedger, directly entering the ICO stage. While explaining the service offered by CCEDK, its CEO and founder Ronny Boesing says,

�CCEDK would normally offer the option to buy in early and trade immediately on OpenLedger. However, in agreement with DECENT’s project leaders, we have decided not to include the ICO pre-launch service for this initiative. Instead, we are providing them with a tailor-made solution comprised of a combination of our services integrated with our ICOO (ICO OpenLedger) Economic Enterprise Engine.�

As a part of this partnership, ICOO will be one of the stakeholders in DECENT and ICOO token holders will automatically become indirect investors in the launch.


ICO Timeline Offerings

Day 1 5000 DCT/ 1 BTC/ 55 ETH + 50% bonus (up to first 10 million DCT sales)
Week 1 5000 DCT/ 1 BTC/ 55 ETH + 10% bonus
Week 2 4500 DCT/ 1 BTC/ 55 ETH
Week 3 4000 DCT/ 1 BTC/ 55 ETH
Week 4 3500 DCT/ 1 BTC/ 55 ETH
Week 5 3400 DCT/ 1 BTC/ 55 ETH
Week 6 3300 DCT/ 1 BTC/ 55 ETH
Week 7 3200 DCT/ 1 BTC/ 55 ETH
Week 8 3000 DCT/ 1 BTC/ 55 ETH

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DECENT has already received widespread support from the industry as well as public. It has been part of various cryptocurrency and startup conferences. The platform has also forged partnerships with leading media outlets in the digital currency sector including NewsBTC, Cryptocurrency Magazine, Bitcoin News, Blockchain News, ICO Countdown, Forklog and 8BTC. DECENT has now secured a partnership with the mining pool MinerGate for future blockchain mining of their tokens DCT. The DECENT are optimistic that MinerGate’s customer base of over 340 thousand people will ensure rapid development.

MinerGate’s CEO Claude Lecomte shares his thoughts on the new partnership:

�DECENT will be a remarkable addition to our pool, as we believe in the philosophy of sharing and promoting digital content via blockchain technology and would love to share it with our clients, too. DECENT ICO is one of the few that makes sense, because our miners would love to expand their capacities, and DECENT gives rewards for hard drive storage space.�


The Geneva-based foundation DECENT is the brainchild of two Slovakian founders, Matej Michalko and Matej Boda. It is a blockchain technology-based digital content publishing and sharing platform. The unified platform empowers content creators and consumers by offering a censor-free, independent publishing platform with micropayments based content monetization, voting and reputation systems.

DECENT already has teams spread around the globe with offices in Switzerland and Slovakia; collaborators in Ukraine, Luxembourg, Shanghai and Australia. The DECENT decentralized digital content distributed platform has partnered with CCEDK to launch its highly successful ICO. Earlier, the company had raised 500,000 euros in funding from Element Capital LLC, a US-Chinese fund.

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Media Contact

Contact Name: Ronny Boesing

Contact Email: [email protected]

Location: Blokhus, Denmark

DECENT is the source of this content. Virtual currency is not legal tender, is not backed by the government, and accounts and value balances are not subject to FDIC and other consumer protections. This press release is for informational purposes only.

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