4 reasons to join the MineCoin ICO


Bitcoin Press Release: Initially, ICO MineCoin got more than 150,000$. Everyone interested in purchasing MineCoin at the lowest price, 1 BTC = 1000 MNC, and with the biggest bonus of 33% to acquired Minecoins should hurry up. Too little time is left to the price increase when 1 BTC will be equal to 800 MNC and bonus will decrease to 25%. It will happen on the 6th of October 2016.

1. MineCoin Can Be Used to Buy Anything Ranging from Pens to a Stake in the Companies.

MineCoin is the cryptocurrency used by Minex Ecosystem. The Minex ecosystem is a combination of various products and services built around the Minex platform using MineCoin as the only unit of payment. The MineCoin blockchain is responsible for the decentralization of Minex ecosystem

All goods and services which available in Minex Ecosystem are sold only for minecoins. This is facilitated by the following projects:

a. Minex Platform

Minex platform??is specially designed platform to invest and make it easier for investors to manage and track the progress of their investments. At the same time, it also allows businesses, startups, and even the non-profits to attract investments. It seems like Kickstarter or Indiegogo but Minex platform also includes a whole range of additional features for investors and founders of projects and startups.

On Minex platform, minecoin owners can use MineCoin to buy digital shares of companies they are interested in and also receive dividends.

b. Minex Exchange

Minex Exchange??is a part of the Minex ecosystem, it is an decentralized exchange platform for digital assets like shares, currencies, bonds, options, futures contracts and other derivatives. All these financial instruments on Minex Exchange can be traded only with MineCoin. Users can convert their MineCoin to any currency or financial instrument.

The main advantage of MinexExchange??is a security which is supported by decentralization of Minex Exchange functions (private keys are not stored in one place).

c. Minex Bank

Minex Bank??one of the key elements of the Minex ecosystem, Minex Bank performs a variety of functions, some of which are comparable to that of a Central bank such as:

i. Maintaining the stability of MineCoin to make it an attractive alternative option for storing value. By eliminating high volatility??the issue plaguing rest of the cryptocurrency industry, Minex Bank allows investors to park their funds in the form of MineCoin without worrying about losses due to price fluctuations, like in the case of other cryptocurrencies.

ii. Smart Lending??is a novel feature offered by Minex Bank. The feature is backed by a credit reputation system that determines the eligibility of a borrower based on activities and previous record on the Minex ecosystem. By using smart contracts and sophisticated algorithms, Minex Bank allows the community members to borrow MineCoin without any direct human participation.

iii. Minex Bank also accepts deposits from its community members. MineCoin deposits, like any bank deposits, can be transferred to Minex Bank for safe keeping while earning rewards for it.

d. Minex Market

Minex Market??is an online marketplace of the Minex ecosystem. Targeted towards the mass market, it is open for the community to buy and sell anything for MineCoin. It is the ideal place to spend MineCoin on products and services.

2.Becoming a Shareholder of Minex Systems

MineCoin is a commercial project, the rights to which belongs to Minex Systems. For each transaction, the platform charges a commission of 0.1 MNC. As the platform opens up subscriptions, all future investors participating in the subscription round will be issued tokens that entitle them to receive a share of the transaction fees from the MineCoin payments system.

Interested investors can take part in the MineCoin subscription here.

3.Bonus Options

Everyone who buys MineCoin between September 1, 2016, and October 6, 2016, are eligible for a bonus of max 33% (1.17% daily from the date of buying till October 6, 2016 ).

Everyone who buys MineCoin between October 6, 2016, and November 2, 2016, are eligible for a bonus of max 25% (0.89% daily from the date of buying till November 2, 2016 ).

Everyone who buys MineCoin between November 6, 2016, and November 30, 2016, are eligible for a bonus of max 10% (0.35% daily from the date of buying till November 2, 2016 ).

For example: If you buy 1000 MNC on October 6, 2016, at 0.89% as a daily bonus, then the total MNC balance in your possession by the end of the day will by 1008.9 MNC, 1017.8 MNC on the second and so on. The bonus is added to the sum of replenishment and not on the balance. That is, if you buy additional 500 MNC at 0.89% (daily) then the network will calculate bonus for the total 1500 MNC from the date of purchase (13.35 MNC per day, until November 3, 2016).

Also important to understand that minecoin price will be rising every 4-week period.

08.0905.10 1 BTC = 1000 MNC

06.1002.11 1 BTC = 800 MNC

03.1130.11 1 BTC =640 MNC

01.1228.12 1 BTC = 512 MNC

As the platform offers bonuses on a daily basis and the price of minecoin increase every 4 week , it is more beneficial to subscribe to MineCoin sooner than later.

4.Investment Back Guarantee

Minex Systems guarantees to return all the investments made so far, as part of the subscription if it fails to reach the fundraising goal of 2882 BTCs. All the funds collected will be refunded to respective wallet addresses specified by investors in their personal profiles on MinexLight.

To learn more about MineCoin, please visit: https://minecoin.org/

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