Unprecedented �Multicurrency� Gaming Token Breakout Coin Ends Their Successful 700 BTC Crowdfund Sale on July 7


Bitcoin Press Release: Breakout Coin, nets over 700 BTC to date. The world’s first �multicurrency’ payment system is about to end their three-week long campaign on the reputable cryptocurrency exchange Bittrex at 7 PM on July 7.

July 6, 2016 Los Angeles, CA � Breakout Coin (www.breakoutcoin.com) today announced it has raised over 700 BTC (close to $500,000 USD) to date in its public crowdsale. The Breakout Coin (BRK) crowdsale, which began June 13 and runs until July 7 at 7:00 pm PDT, offered a 25 percent bonus for buyers in its first hour, followed by a 15 percent bonus for the entire first week, helping to skyrocket early coin sales.

�We’re delighted by the community’s response acknowledging the bright future for a secure blockchain token for online gaming,�

Said Breakout Coin Co-Founder Paul Kim. Kim continues saying:

�We’re eager to continue building momentum throughout the duration of the crowdsale.�

The Breakout Coin sale is hosted by the Bittrex exchange (https://bittrex.com/crowdfund/brk), one of the largest and most reputable cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. A total of more than 6.6 million Breakout Coins were initially offered, which along with a prior sale and tokens for incentivizing players and gaming sites, will bring the total number of BRK in existence to 19,500,000, according to Kim.

Breakout Coin is part of the Breakout Chain blockchain for gaming, created by a diverse team consisting of gaming and cryptocurrency experts, including lead developer James Stroud, PhD., a co-founder of CryptoCertify, the first cryptocurrency auditing and certification company; Paul Kim, with 25 years of experience in IT, computer science, and gaming; Randy Kim, a professional poker player with 20 years’ experience in Los Angeles casino management, and Gian Perroni, an iGaming executive with more than 18 years of online gaming experience.

Breakout Gaming has already launched their free play poker site at https://breakoutpoker.net, offering players from around the world the opportunity to play for free and win BRK, and are set to launch their new eSports site on July 15th. Breakout is also introducing a full digital game store, featuring thousands of the most popular titles from top publishers, in early August.

Breakout Coin is one of three cryptocurrencies that can be used in the Breakout Chain. The others are Breakout Stake (BRX), which BRK holders receive based on the size of the crowdsale and which earn staking interest. Miners who are responsible for the processing of BRK transactions also earn another type of token called SisterCoin (SIS). For more information on the crowdsale, please visit www.breakoutcoin.com/coinsale.

Breakout Chain developers have also begun work on a new type of smart contract called a �permissive smart contract� that promises to mirror the workings of traditional contracts more closely. Permissive smart contracts do not execute transactions themselves, but instead act to mediate the transactions performed by users of Breakout Chain. Permissive smart contracts seek to address potential weaknesses of other types of smart contracts like the one in The DAO that caused a loss of nearly $60 million worth of Ether.

�Permissive smart contracts are very similar to legal contracts in that both specify what people can and can’t do in a fiducial relationship,�

Said Breakout Chain lead developer James Stroud. Stroud continues saying:

�The inability for legal contracts to execute transactions has never hampered their usefulness because execution is left to the parties of the contract. The same will be true for permissive smart contracts.�

Read more about permissive smart contracts in this white paper: http://wp.breakoutcoin.com/

About Breakout Coin

Breakout Coin (BRK), Breakout Stake (BRX) and Sister Coin (SIS) are tokens that work together to power Breakout Chain, the industry’s first multicurrency blockchain for gaming industry payments and rewards. Breakout Coin is created and maintained by Breakout Services, Limitada, a Costa Rican LLC, and it operates independently of the regulated poker and casino gaming sites operating by Breakout Gaming, which accepts the tokens for gaming.

To learn more about Breakout Coin, please visit: www.breakoutcoin.com

For more information on the crowdsale, please visit: www.breakoutcoin.com/coinsale

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