Flavours Place, an Online Marketplace to Buy Coffee and Tea with Bitcoin


Bitcoin Press Release: Coffee and tea loving Bitcoin users can now buy their favorite produce on the online marketplace Flavours Place while supporting farmers worldwide.

July 6, 2016 Kowloon, Hong Kong � Flavours Place is a brand new online marketplace selling a wide variety of coffee and tea collections otherwise unavailable in the market. The online platform allows users to purchase the exotic coffee and tea blends directly from the farms using Bitcoin. Flavours Place is dedicated to all the coffee and tea lovers and producers from across the world, giving it the flavor of a community marketplace. In addition of these two beverages, the platform also offers some of the best varieties of spices and cocoa to its customers.

The platform is a socially conscious business, that also cares for the farmers and traders whose sole livelihood is their produce, highly in demand among the connoisseurs. Most farmers are currently dependent on established supply and wholesale distribution channels to push their produce to the market. Most of the proceeds from selling the produce to the end customer goes to these middlemen as commission for helping the product’s entry into the market. Flavours Place is determined to change the practice and ensure that the producers get fair returns for the efforts they had put into growing these produce. Flavours Place also welcome importers who deal directly with farmers, small batch roasters and likeminded companies that shares the company’s socially conscious business model.

Flavours Place is known for the variety of produce sold on its platform. The products are sourced directly from the plantations in the geographies that are known for the best coffee and tea variants. It maybe Ceylon, Peru, Sumatra, China, Japan or any other region, if it is a quality product which coffee and tea lovers look forward to have, then it is available on Flavours Place. With the products being directly sourced from the producers, the quality can be assured. These sellers are marketing their own brands and it is imperative for them to ensure that it is free from any adulterants or substandard blends. The products speak for themselves as well as for its producers. That’s the very reason why Flavours Place is distinct from other e-commerce players or local shops and supermarkets. Unless the customer has direct contact with the producer, it is impossible for them to find the kind of products that are available on the platform.

Flavours Place has a neatly built responsive website with a simple, easy-to-use user interface. All products on the platform are cataloged with the detailed description along with information about the country of origin and producer. To purchase an item, the user simply selects it and put it in the cart. After filling out shipment details the customer can choose to pay using Bitcoin. All Bitcoin transactions are processed via the digital payment platform Coinbase. Other payment methods include PayPal, Visa or MasterCard.

Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency on a global scale that can be used to send funds to anyone across the world within minutes. The transaction fees associated with Bitcoin transactions is negligible compared to that of conventional methods. Bitcoin as a payment method works perfectly with Flavours Place’s business model which involves offering a platform for small scale producers of coffee, tea, cocoa, and spices to sell their produce directly to customers by cutting out middlemen. This will allow farmers to get a better price for their produce and at the same time, result in a more affordable product for end customers as well.

By enabling Bitcoin payments, these small-scale farmers, no matter in which part of the world they are in will be able to receive their earnings from selling on Flavours Place in full in less than an hour. However, many farmers do not know about Bitcoin and Flavours Place as a part of its fair trade expression is educating them about Bitcoin and how they can benefit from it.

�A nice part of this work is the dissemination and use of Bitcoin between producers from all over the world. It is a hard work, most of the potential vendors don’t know about the Bitcoin. But we do not look for the easy way.�

Flavours Place is an online marketplace connecting buyers and vendors from around the world, specializing in coffee and tea, the platform also offers cocoa, spices and other merchandise for those who love their brew. Flavours Place offers exquisite and organic products directly from the producers, a pick-me-up for coffee and tea loving Bitcoin users worldwide.

For more information, please visit: https://www.flavoursplace.com/

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