The Largest Distribution of Hardware Wallets in History � The Ledger Race Powered by MBit Casino

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Bitcoin Press Release: Starting today and spanning across 15 days, the Ledger Race will see hundreds of Ledger Wallets distributed � making it the largest distribution of Bitcoin hardware wallets to date.

mBit casino is in the business of setting records and that much is not going to change anytime soon. While they are well-known for having paid out the single largest blackjack win in history (260 BTC), mBit does not want to stop there. Now, mBit is striving to facilitate the largest distribution of Bitcoin hardware wallets ever done at one point in time.

Spanning across 15 days, the Ledger Race will see hundreds of Ledger Wallets distributed to qualifying players. Participation is easy. All you have to do is register an account at mBit and accumulate 2 BTC in bets by placing wagers during the 15-day timeframe of the competition. Every single player who reaches the 2 BTC goal will be awarded a Ledger, courtesy of the mBit VIP Club.

The hardware that mBit has chosen to go with for this competition is the Ledger Nano. This is the top-selling hardware wallet in the industry and for good reason too, because it takes the privacy and security of your Bitcoins and all related transactions to the next level. Ledger Nano’s BIP 39 technology allows for you to backup your wallet anywhere by way of a 24 words seed.

�High stakes players tend to be drawn to our casino due to the high level of personalized care and high frequency of rewards in our VIP program. Giving out ledger wallets to active players is something we’ve done for quite a while, but with this promotion we get to reaffirm our commitment to the security of our player’s funds.�

� Linda Murphy, VIP Player Manager

This promotion is not solely for high stakes players however, as any player who accumulates 2 BTC within the 15-day timeframe will be awarded a ledger wallet. To put it in perspective just how feasible being awarded a ledger wallet is, it only takes 250 spins of 0.008 BTC in the mBit casino to walk away a winner.

The Ledger Race officially begins today, Monday the 23rd of May and runs until June 6th at 23:59 GMT.

�If you look at the last two weeks, 250 ledger wallets would have been distributed if the competition was running. Being that we expect an increase in site activity upon the commencement of the competition, we are preparing to distribute well over 500 wallets by the time all is said and done. This will make this the largest distribution of wallets ever recorded.�

� Linda Murphy, VIP Player Manager

Registration for the Ledger Race is not needed; simply place your bets, enjoy your experience, and get rewarded.

To learn more about this or any other promotions offered by mBit, we encourage you to reach out to [email protected].

*The Ledger Company has no responsibility in the award and promotion. All prizes and bonuses in this promotion are the sole responsibility of the mBit Casino and partners.

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