The Future of Bitcoin is Bright According to XML Gold CEO

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Bitcoin Press Release: Amid the Bitcoin block-size debate Bitcoin exchange platform XML Gold CEO believes new decentralized apps will be built on Bitcoin’s blockchain, the current debate will be resolved, and the Internet will get its first real payment protocol.

In a recent blog post, the CEO of Bitcoin and digital currency exchange platform XML Gold outlined why he believes the future of Bitcoin is bright. If the growth and adoption of Bitcoin as a technology is compared to that of another disruptive technology, the Internet, it can be seen that Bitcoin is still in its infancy, comparable perhaps with the world wide web in the early 1990’s:

�Bitcoin is only seven years old and has many problems typical for other technologies in the early stages of development. But despite that, investors have already invested huge amounts of money in its ecosystem.�

But according to XML Gold’s CEO Bitcoin is growing up:

�The developers of new Bitcoin exchanges and infrastructure have a more responsible approach to their security and regulation. The number of Bitcoin network users, and the volume of transactions is growing constantly. Such companies as Purse, ChangeTip and ZapChain offer current services on the basis of the technology, including instant online payments for goods, micropayments, and more.�

He went on to conclude that:

�This �civil war� inside the Bitcoin community will end with the fact that Bitcoin Classic will release a hard fork after coming to consensus in the circle of miners and developers. New killer apps will appear and make the Bitcoin user base bigger. And finally the Internet will get its first real payment protocol.�

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