Ether Cloud Mining Profitably Headed to the Moon

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Those who’ve purchased Ether Cloud mining contracts have experiencing rapid ROI, said Genesis Mining, the world’s leading Cloud Mining provider with over 130,000 active customers.

The return came as the Ether price rose significantly over the last 6 months where the price began at $0.89, ending today at $12, representing a 1350% increase in the past 180 days alone.

Genesis Mining who announced the first Ether Cloud Mining contracts in the world last December said in a recent statement �Our customers asked and we listened. Due to our large-scale GPU mining activities we are glad to offer significant parts of our farms for Ether mining in the cloud. Users can therefore benefit from our economy of scale and our geothermal-powered and optimized GPU mining rigs in Iceland. We are bullish on Ethereum and look forward to giving our customers the chance to profit from this exciting innovation and also support the network.�

Many in the cryptocurrency industry consider Ethereum to be version 2.0 of Bitcoin and while the majority of Genesis Mining operations are focused on Bitcoin, the push into Ether reflects the company’s constant push towards innovation of new products and services to increase ROI for their customers.

Genesis Mining CEO and Co-Founder, Marco Streng stated �Being the only cloud mining company in the industry to offer Ether is giving our customers a tremendous advantage. Right now, Ether is buzzing and the value is rapidly increasing. This makes the perfect opportunity for those looking to enter into a new investment class and we are pleased to be the only source for miners to do it.�

To celebrate the recent success of Ether, Genesis Mining is offering a limited time discount on all annual contracts of 5%. To receive a 5% discount code, simply enter �Ethereum5� at checkout. This code will expire on saturday at midnight CET.

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