Adam Draper Documents Boost VC Investors’ Enthusiasm for Bitcoin


When I first got involved in Bitcoin, the talk was of adoption curve which was going to propel us to the Moon with a sudden influx of adoption. Then we had the bubble of 2013, the MT Gox debacle, and the slow, painful decline through 2014 into 2015. Through all of this, the adoption chasm was the talk � a break in the adoption cycle between early adopters and mass adoption for disruptive technologies.

If these cycles of adoption hold true for Bitcoin, we are currently deep in the chasm, and as far as I can see, there are a number of people wonder if we�re going to be able to find our way out again. It seems that fears and disputes over scalability, a consistent trend of Bitcoin businesses over-promising and under delivering, the continued association of Bitcoin with drugs, crime and fraud, and finally the novelty of Bitcoin competing against itself as groups are trying to promote their private blockchains against Bitcoins open, trustless ledger.

We have seen the existential concerns about Bitcoin played out in the eco-system as investment rounds in Bitcoin businesses have slowed, though not entirely stopped.

For that reason, I was really interested to see this Medium article by Adam Draper of Boost VC documenting the enthusiasm investors have for Bitcoin � and they are in a position to know.

Some of the more interesting results show that investors are still more excited about Bitcoin than they are the blockchain, but also that only 9 percent of investors feel Bitcoin is a good investment, with nearly 30 percent feeling that it�s bad. The majority of investors feel that it�s a luke warm investment, suggesting that they are waiting to see what happens to address Bitcoin�s many problems before deciding if it�s a good place for their money or not.

When asked what�s holding Bitcoin back, a majority thought that there needs to be more ways to use Bitcoin and 30 percent thought that it needs better marketing.

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