Just Another Scam


This is in from

They have done some good investigative work and discovered that this site, is a scam.doublemybtcscam

As they rightly point out in their article, the first, and best, tipoff that this site is a scam is that they are promising to double investors bitcoins in this case in 72 hours. There are numerous other tipoffs that they go through in the article, and I encourage you to click through and give it a read.

The amazing thing is not that scams like this exist, but that they apparently remain profitable enough for the scamsters to continue to set them up.

Of course, given that the Nigerian 419 scams are still going strong, and still as ludicrous as ever, it seems that there will always be people credulous enough to buy in.

Keep yourself safe. Know what youre investing in and never send your money to anyone or any businesses offering something that seems just too good to be true.