Bitcoin And Cryptocurrency Forum For Women, CryptoMoms Celebrates First Anniversary Continuing To Encourage Womens Participation In Digital Currency


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Bitcoin Press Release: CryptoMoms continues to encourage and assist women worldwide to participate in Bitcoin and digital currency, as it celebrates its first anniversary after officially launching one year ago on April 16, 2014.

In spite of the troubling gender gap being well recognized in the cryptocurrency and Bitcoin space, most industry efforts to help improve the situation have shown little result. Most reports indicated a slight improvement from over a year ago by about 2%. The statistics came as no surprise for CryptoMoms which has strongly advocated a gentler and more inclusive approach with a friendly and helpful community environment.

As long time CryptoMoms Community Manager Rocky explains:

“CryptoMoms is the wave of the future to get women involved in the cryptocurrency world. Empowering women to get into the financial world has been a struggle. With Cryptomoms it is centered around women, designed for women to communicate and get involved in their own finances. Communication and understanding finances is very important with so many single women in the world. It is time women become involved at a higher level and manage with confidence their own finances.”

CryptoMoms celebrates its first anniversary as a gateway for women into the world of digital money overwhelmingly dominated by men. The site provides plenty of vital information and easy guides for newcomers as well as a strong and helpful community. The forum alone attracts up to 272 visitors daily, an impressive number considering that far less than 10% of the cryptocurrency community are women. As the one year mark passes CryptoMoms remains true to its mission with multiple projects aiming to bridge the gender imbalance.

Although CryptoMoms was created by, and is fully funded by the DNotes team, it has positioned itself as a currency neutral site giving free access to industry peers to promote their products and services. Dozens of coins have benefited from this free platform to introduce and promote their coins. Many have commented very favorably on CryptoMoms’ commitments to provide a culture of trust and mutual respect while fulfilling its genuine efforts to assist women and others to acquire the basic knowledge about digital currency. Supporters from other coins have often shared their knowledge and assisted many new participants.

Alan Yong Co-Founder of CryptoMoms, DNotes and DNotesVault has frequently pointed out that Bitcoin is the greatest technology revolution since the Internet with significant world changing implications resulting in a quantum shift. Unlike the Internet, Bitcoin and Blockchain technologies are much more complex and far reaching with even more massive job and wealth creation potential than the Internet. DNotes is also committed to working with CryptoMoms in assisting women small business owners and women organizations. This is truly a worthy cause that the most fortunate 1% can participate to make a world of difference.

CryptoMoms is becoming increasingly popular among parents and grandparents since it launched cryptocurrency investment savings plans for kids (CRISP) last December. Since then DNotes, CryptoMoms and DNotesVault have added savings plans for retirement and for students worldwide. It has become quite apparent that moms care deeply about the financial future of their children and their financial means to get a good education. Digital currency, such as DNotes being at its infancy offers potential high returns and superior advantages as a form of payment.

Chase, a devoted community member and the brain-child of CRISP pointed out that,

“With cryptocurrency, we have the opportunity to reach women from all walks of life and from every corner of the world. It has the power to help women by addressing poverty, providing economic inclusion, and allowing them to participate in the massive job and wealth creation of a new industry. Cryptocurrency has the potential to provide women with a secure financial future that otherwise may be unattainable. It also allows woman to start and operate a business in locations around the world that have no banking access.”

She concluded by inviting everyone to.

“join us at CryptoMoms to learn, or to help teach others, about cryptocurrency, investing, retirement, and the many opportunities evolving in this new industry.”

With rich content on everything one needs to know to get started in the digital currency space; CryptoMoms continue to be vital for the introduction of women to the unprecedented opportunities offered by Bitcoin, digital currency and cryptocurrencies more widely.

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