A Talk with Adam Krellenstein of Counterparty

Five years into its development, despite the huge strides Bitcoin has made, it is in many ways still more promise than reality. Barely realized are the promises of mass micro-transactions, cheap and easily convertible remittances, self-executing contracts, and decentralized systems of all sorts. From a historical perspective, things are progressing as breakneck speed; yet still, for those of us on the ground, it can feel like it’s taking an eternity as we wait for the promises of projects like Mastercoin, Colored Coins, Etherium, and Counterparty to reach fruition.

Of all these projects, Counterparty seems like it has the most to show for its efforts. With Counterparty, it is already possible to create tokens representing real property or contracts, to run a decentralized exchanged with automatic order matching, to create shares of a company that will pay dividends, to run p2p better, and more. The platform has been chosen to launch Swarm, a decentralized crowdfunding platform, and LTB coin, a content rewards coin for the popular Let’s Talk Bitcoin network.

The big news announced last week is that Counterparty founders, Robby Dermody and Evan Wager,