KoreCoin: They Skype of Cryptocurrencies


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“Mr. Watson. Come here. I want to see you.”

Kore’s reply, “We are on our way!”

Every so often there’s an idea, a technology, an applied product that so perfectly meets a need it seems born of genius.

Satoshi Nakamoto saw a problem with world currencies and envisioned a way for those needs to be met. Bitcoin is an innovation that will bring about true chance in the world. Many are now educating themselves in how they can actualize Bitcoin’s potential; most will never look deeply beneath the hood, but merely begin to see how Bitcoin changes their daily existence in much the same way as most people send emails instantly for free rather than using the post office. As for us? We are the true believers.

In the words of Andreas Antonopoulos, “Bitcoin is the Internet of money and currency is only the first application”

In the revolutionary tradition of Bitcoin, we’d like to introduce you to KoreCoin, the next step innovation in anonymous transactions, communications, commerce, and hundreds of other as-yet undeveloped and undiscovered potential uses.

Kore’s key innovation is to utilize the TOR network to ensure the privacy of all of its transactions. Kore also is the first coin to introduce a functionally embedded TOR PoSA (Proof of Stake Anonymous) green wallet, providing an incredible level of anonymity.

Kore is also the first coin to build in anonymous, free calling in its wallet with the recent Alpha release of the revolutionary KoreVoipA. What’s more, we have also developed KorePhone, a project we have been working on for more than four months. KorePhone is a smartphone specifically designed for anonymity, with in-wallet, address-to-address calls. KorePhone also supports calls to regular phones.

Kore will also have a built-in TOR enabled browser, known as KoreSurf. Surfing with Kore will keep all your doings private from prying eyes.

The next release of KoreVoipA, to be released on October 18, will include:

1-Instant Messages: We will have the ability to send and receive anonymous instant messages using Kore address-to-address messaging that is similar to “Jabber.”

2-Voicemail: You will be able to leave a voice message if the person or company you are calling are not online.

3-A functioning buddy list: You will be able to click on the Buddy/Phone book and call directly from it.

4-Presences Notification: You will be able to see whether the person you are calling is online meaning they may be available to talk.

5-Multiple Platforms Release: The new ALPHA VoIP version will be available for Windows, OSX and Linux.

v3 ALPHA testing will slightly further delay the BETA release.


1- KOREPoBA: KORE’S own unique version of burning coins giving you one more tier of anonymity.

2-“The icing on the cake”: Is what we call the possibility for real time Anon-Video Calling using the Kore address-to-address calling option.

3-Traditional calling to any phone number in the world for a miniscule local fee.

We are excited to announce that the KorePhone project is well underway. The code is maturing and we are in talks with manufactures to produce the handsets. We envision the KorePhone handsets to be an integral part of the future of communications. We will soon be announcing a call for Alpha testers and call for APP coders on the XDA forums for those wishing to get a head start on creating apps.

It’s our ambition that KorePhone be a product the general public will feel comfortable to adopt, use and embrace.

Ever Wonder Why Microsoft paid $8.5 billion for Skype?”

“There is a huge opportunity for big and small Web/mobile
companies to champion true user privacy. I’m willing to
bet that a huge proportion of users would opt for it if
truly given the choice in a clear and open manner,
instead of having the choice hidden from their view.

We at KoreCoin believe we will be what Skype should have been and much, much more. We hope we will bring the freedoms that we all should be enjoying without even thinking of it.

Don’t be fooled by claims of anonymity by existing smart phone suppliers as it’s the typical double speak ‘too-good-to-be-true’ spiel.

In the future, we also have our eye on bringing to the market KoreCard and even KoreBay! Kore’s dedicated team of devs is right now rising to the challenge of creating the apps that you want.

We humbly invite to the Kore revolution that Satoshi got started.

Visit us at KoreCoin.org to learn more.