A Talk with Bit n Mortar: The Bitcoin Interview TV Show


What do a barbecue joint in Los Angeles, a bakery in San Diego, and a ‘prepare for the zombie apocalypse’ store in Las Vegas have in common? Two things, really: They all accept Bitcoin and they have all been featured on Bit n Mortar, a new independent web series that talks with Bitcoin accepting businesses about their experience with Bitcoin (easy, fun, and profitable), interviews with the man and woman on the street to find out what they know about Bitcoin (frequently the name, and not a whole lot else that’s correct), and talks with some people who are trying to get their own Bitcoin related businesses, up, running, and supporting the growth of the Bitcoin economy.

There is no question that the pace of Bitcoin adoption has been picking up in the last year. Even with the increase of activity, though, it’s still a rare and wonderful thing to happen upon a ‘Bitcoin Accepted Here’ sign without actually having to go and look for it. It’s no great mystery why this is still the case, though: We are still very early in the adoption curve we’re probably 2-5 years out from seeing Bitcoin accepting businesses on every corner. And since we are so early in the curve, there is a lot of fear, uncertainty and doubt that keeps the more risk averse from jumping on board. For them, Bitcoin is going to have to attain a kind of normalcy. For that, they’re going to need to see that Bitcoin is profitable and safe enough for them to use.

Bit n Mortar is doing its best to achieve this goal by talking with the sensible, successful businessmen and women who are already accepting Bitcoin. What could be better than hearing from their peers?

I was in touch with Adam, the man behind the camera, to find out more about the series. Enjoy the read:

Thanks for taking the time for this interview. To get this started, who are the people behind Bit n Mortar? What kind of previous videography work have they done?

It’s pretty much a one-man band at this point, run by myself, Adam. I also consult and have music production from close friend and fellow liberty lover Jayson Madore who runs AnarchistMusic.com. I have done freelance video production for over 10 years.

Why did you decide to put your talents to work creating a Bitcoin interview show?

The only reason I even care about Bitcoin is because of my Voluntaryist principles. I would bet all my bitcoins that the creator of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto, is also a voluntaryist / philosophical libertarian / Anarchist. I see Bitcoin as being the biggest tool in helping the ideas of freedom. Once people learn about Bitcoin, it forces them to ask themselves, “What is money?” Once they do that, they learn about the Federal Reserve and what it does. Once they understand the Federal Reserve and how absolutely crazy it is, there’s a good chance they also become a libertarian / anarchist.

I’ve kinda been an anarchist my entire life, and for over ten years. I’ve understood the principles and theory of libertarianism and been a pure libertarian. Ten years ago it was a lonely philosophy, one so obscure that I did not know a single person who thought the way that I did. I had to let out my libertarian thoughts to my parents and friends slowly, otherwise, without a doubt, they would have all thought I lost my mind. I had burnt out and given up hope years ago that there was any chance left to create more freedom in the USA. Then Bitcoin came and ignited a fire again and gave me a new hope for personal freedom.

I am obsessed with Bitcoin, and since Bitcoin is still new, I felt I was able to position myself while making something entertaining and informative for the Bitcoincommunity. Working on Bitcoin projects have been by far the most fulfilling work of my life.

I wanted to do Bit n Mortar shows to bring bitcoins off the internet and into real life, to show Bitcoin as not being so nerdy and complicated, but so normal and easy that any business could implement it and any customer could use it.

How are you selecting the businesses that you’re going to feature? If someone wanted to be featured, how would they go about that?

I use Bitcoin directory lists likeairbitz.co. I then just see who looks interesting and contact them to see if they are interested in being on the show. If someone wants to be on the show, they can just e-mail me at [email protected]. If I think I can make an entertaining piece, I will do it.

What’s the most surprising thing you’ve learned from your interviews to date?

That many of the business owners do not trust the USA government and the Federal Reserve fiat currency. These early adopters of Bitcoin understand the history of money and what’s going on better than most. What a pleasant surprise feeling like I am no longer alone in my disdain for a parasitic violent organization.

Also, I’m always surprised when asking people on the street about Bitcoin. Many more people have heard about it than I expected. Not many are savvy with Bitcoin, but the majority have by now heard the term and kind of understand that it is internet money.

What’s your production schedule look like? How often are you hoping to put out an episode?

My production schedule is random as heck. I just quit my “job” to pursue this. I shoot as much as the budget I receive from sponsors and the Bitcoin community allow me to. Ideally I would like to put out an episode once every two weeks, but unless I work at it full time, that won’t happen.

I see that a number of websites have been embedding your videos. In fact, I think that the videos do a great job of explaining Bitcoin in a reliable way. How do you feel about the videos being reposted this way?

I get super excited anytime someone else posts a video that I made. I’m flattered that they would re-post my work with there being so many other awesome things on-line competing for their attention.

For yourself, what do you think is the most important aspect of Bitcoin and how do you think the story of Bitcoin is going to play out in the next couple of years?

The most important thing about Bitcoin is that it is the first currency that is going to be able to compete again government currency. It also gives people financial freedom and lets them choose what to spend their money on, which is just as important as having money. Also Bitcoin is the cheapest most efficient way to send money. Efficiency builds wealth, so whether a company cares about liberty or not, they will end up using Bitcoin because its functionality is so valuable.

There are a lot of libertarian doom and gloomers out there who think that there is an inevitable economic collapse coming where all commerce stops and that there will be food riots. This was their theory before Bitcoin. If that theory is correct, Bitcoin is here to the rescue and will be a huge cushion for a crash like that because now we can always move money.

On your website, you have links to SatoshiBet, Liberty.Menu & Cryptonit. Are they officially sponsoring you? If someone wanted to sponsor you or to be given a mention at the end of the video, how would the go about that?

Yes, they are sponsors and I want to thank them for making these episodes possible. I also want to thank random anonymous people in the Bitcoin community who have sent me Bitcoin donations to keep the show going.

Finally, what’s your best elevator pitch when someone asks you “What’s Bitcoin?”

If the elevator is in a tall building like the Empire State Building, I would talk about how it is an open public ledger that is totally transparent and that only 21 million bitcoin will ever exist. In contrast to the inflationary Federal Reserve note that doesn’t ever allow for an audit of creation or allocation and has lost 90% of its value since its start. What this does to you, Mr. Elevator Rider, is rob you of your purchasing power. It steals your savings and makes you forever pay higher and higher prices.