Anycoin Direct: Making Bitcoin Available Across Europe


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In 1637, Amsterdam had a brisk tulip market going. One tulip bulb traded for ten times what a skilled craftsman could expect to make for the year. People invested like crazy until the crash brought economic devastation upon the country.

That’s the story, anyway. And one that has frequently been brought up as a reason for people to mistrust the nascent revolutionary currency Bitcoin. What’s never really mentioned in accounts of the bubble is the fact that although there likely was a bubble, there is really very little evidence that it reached the extents or created the devastation modern pundits like claim.

Now, Anycoin Direct is helping to prove the dissimilarities between Bitcoin and a tulip bulb by making them easier and faster to get throughout Europe. Anycoin Direct is a Dutch Bitcoin company that sells Bitcoin and a host of other cryptocurriences. The company originally started life as Bitplaats in April of 2013 and soon established itself as one of the most trusted Bitcoin businesses in the Netherlands. Bitplaats rebranded two months ago as Anycoin direct and launched its new site,

Some of the benefits of using Anycoin Direct include:

  • Available to everyone in Europe
  • one of the cheapest sellers of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies
  • more than 25,000 bitcoins already delivered
  • funding via iDeal, Bancontact, Giropay, and Mybank in addition to SEPA bank transfers available

Anycoin Direct have made ease and speed of use their top priority. As soon as payment is received, the coins are automatically sent to the customer’s address. Transaction are often completed in less than five minutes.

Because of the complexity of Bitcoin, and in anticipation of growing popular interest, Anycoin Direct is offering live chat support to help customers new to Bitcoin through the process and clear up any problems as quickly as possible. Because of these practices, Anycoin Direct is considered to be one of the best Bitcoin businesses in the industry.

Please visit their website for more information: