AsMoney: The New eCurrency Payment Processor


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AsMoney is one of the newest and most exciting eCurrency systems which allows for payments in both Bitcoin and Litecoin that has hit the market yet.

AsMoney, a trademark registered to AMN Technologies Company in 2013, is headed by Gintatus Vileita. Vileita states that AsMoney has created a payment system that lets people easily access their bitcoins while protecting their privacy. AsMoney will allow users to send and receive bitcoins via the web and avoid the necessity of having to download gigabytes of blockchain data. They offer a free, secure system to accept payments online which can also be programmed to automatically receive and send payments.�

With the rise of cryptocurrencies in recent years, e-currencies have been losing popularity. In particular, the closure of Liberty Reserve and the arrest of Arthur Budovsky, its founder, have shown the weakness in the business model of many e-currency companies. AsMoney avoids the pitfalls of businesses like Liberty Reserve by basing its payment system on the Bitcoin blockchain. Transactions are instant and, as they are off the blockchain, untraceable. And of course, there is no need to share any personal details as you would with the legacy financial system.

Vileita further claims that AsMoney has invested a lot in creating a superb 24/7 customer support system; it is a strong commitment to its customers that will make AsMoney a leader in this space. Vileita says that it is their goal to make sure that every question or concern is addressed as soon as possible no matter the time of day or night.

As Bitcoin continues to gain in acceptance with businesses big and�small, the need for payment processors like AsMoney is set to take off. AsMoney will allow bitcoiners to handle all their bitcoin business without the need to worrying about how to configure complicated software or deal with the difficulties in securing their bitcoins. To let the clients know that they are always in control of their own bitcoins, whenever request to send money is received, an SMS message is automatically generated for that member’s phone with a unique PIN number that must be entered before those monies will be released.

AsMoney is committed to be a leader in innovation in the field and to satisfy the demands of a growing crypto-community for better and cheaper eCurrency systems. The developers at AsMoney are experts in the field with years of experience behind them and it is their goal to make your experience using AsMoney as safest and most enjoyable financial dealings you have ever had.