The Need for a Disruptive Force Like Bitcoin

The following Raw Story report alleges on the basis of documents obtained from Edward Snowden that Britain’s famous MI5 and MI6 were involved in false flag attacks as a way to discredit their opponents. In the world of conspiracy theorists, false flag attacks are often at the center of the stories they weave to say why whatever group or individual they have a grudge against is coming to get you.
On Twitter, I often find that I am commenting tweets making these types of allegations. My point is that there are real conspiracies, so we don’t have to go making them up. The planes that flew into the World Trade Center buildings did not need to be a false flag operation; the story of how it happened makes sense: The US, after years of playing oil politics in the Middle East and training freedom fighters in Afghanistan incited broad anti-American feelings amongst some muslims and gave them the training they needed to act on it. The US, for its part, was bureaucratic and incompetent in its efforts to protect itself, and the president at the time openly ignored warnings of an impending attack.
Talking of these types of conspiracies keeps good people focused on the wrong things and fighting among themselves. Meanwhile, international corporations, governments, and banks conspire to rig the system so that the wealthy stay wealthy and the powerful stay powerful. They expect that the rest of us should be grateful for whatever trickles down to us from on high.
Recently we have seen news stories of plutocrats decrying class warfare, because, you know, they are so disadvantaged and at the mercy of the powerless. In this article, Tom Perkins is quoted as comparing the 1% to the Jews before World War 2. In addition to being tone deaf, it also speaks to the attitude those with wealth and power. They don’t conspire with an evil laugh, but because they feel they are entitled. They claim that they work harder than the rest of us, ignoring the massive advantages of their position.
There are real conspiracies out there, but usually they are not the grand, Illuminati, type conspiracies, but merely greedy, ambitious people acting in greedy, ambitious ways. The rich and powerful have been crushing in the class war for the last 40 years. They have become comfortable, complacent, and arrogant in their success. It is time for some disruption to this system.
And that’s where Bitcoin comes in.

National Security Agency (NSA) documents taken by Edward Snowden and obtained by NBC News reveal that the British spy unit known as the Joint Threat Research and Intelligence Group (JTRIG) developed and deployed offensive strategies that included hacking�

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