Special Bitcoin for Food Offer from Survival Food


Bitcoin is getting acceptance from all segments and sorts of businesses. Now, Survival Food which aims to inspire families and individuals to secure a survival food supply in their homes so they will avoid panic and make sound decisions should an unexpected event strain or even dissolve normal food supply channels, accepts Bitcoin in payment.

The organization believes that the Bitcoin market ecosystem is one which promotes sustainability and independence and that is why it is accepting it as a mode of payment. Nonetheless, it also trusts that with Food for Bitcoin, a large segment of the populati

on will benefit and the virtual currency will be able to play a vital role in helping out people.

Bitcoin for Cause

Unthinkable tragedies always happen; however, the foundation of Survival Food is based on the fact that it wants to reduce peoples risk by ensuring one of their most basic human needs is met should the unthinkable actually happen. As unthinkable tragedies cannot be avoided preparedness can be crucial to handle them confidently.

The organization advocates for establishing a reasonable survival food supply; however, it believes that it should be done without stirring up any fear among people and for that it brings a survival food supply. According to it survival food supply makes as much sense as insurance for cars, homes, health and life.

However, a major difference between car insurance and survival food is that whereas food can be used even when it is not needed, insurance cannot be. Thus, helping out people face unthinkable tragedies, Survival Food is playing a vital role in short and long term emergencies.

Survival Food in itself is a radical idea and it gets its partner in Bitcoin. According to the founders of the organization they believe that the Bitcoin market ecosystem is one which promotes sustainability and independence and for that reason they are happy to trade food for Bitcoin.

Though Survival Food accepts Bitcoin, customers can also pay in dollars while purchasing food items. The organization ensures that purchasing with Bitcoin is easy. Here customers make their purchase by adding items to the shopping cart, and when they reach the Order Confirmation section on the Checkout Page, select Check, Money Order, Bank Wire or Bitcoin as the form of payment.

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