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What is BitCoin Warrior?

BitCoin Warrior, more than anything else, is an educational project. I, myself, am not very technically capable or financially knowledgeable. I have, however, watched several massive successes in my life. I have watched businesses or movements come into being and thought “that has potential” before turning back to my daily grind. Then, ten, five or even one year later I may have said to myself “if only I had acted.” Bitcoin strikes me as being another one of those moments.

The value that I bring to Bitcoin is a desire to learn and a desire to communicate. At the moment, the Bitcoin ecosystem is filled with people who are the first adopters: the technophiles, the political activists of one sort or another, and, yes, even the underworld figure. The next wave of people to adopt bitcoin are going to have to be those who do not understand the idea of hashrates, blockchains, or any of the other innumerable things that make Bitcoin cryptic.

So, a noob like me becomes valuable. There is a need for someone who can and will take the time to lay everything out in a clear and easy to understand way. There is a need for someone to allay fears without white washing the risks. It is my hope that this site will be found by those just seeking information about Bitcoin and they will leave more knowledgeable and more confident in their decision to try Bitcoin, or not.

Steel Man:

And of course, there are risks to Bitcoin. It is digital, it is experimental, and it faces a number of fairly daunting challenges: securing an exchange system that will let people move money into and out of bitcoin safely, confidently, and conveniently; developing a walleting system that lets people keep their money safe from hackers and lost passwords; regulating the Bitcoin economy in a way that makes governments comfortable with having an alternate, uncontrolled currency exist and thrive; and so on. There is not an inconsiderable possibility that the entire Bitcoin economy will collapse because of governmental action or as yet undiscovered flaws in the system.

It is a mission of BitCoin Warrior to use the steel man approach to discussing Bitcoin: to find the most serious flaws in the system and call them out. By being as honest as possible ourselves about Bitcoin, others will see the strength of system and more people will be willing to join. No whitewashing here.

Ardent Optimist: Do well by doing good.

However, it is also my intention to maintain a strict positive outlook. There is not inconsistency in being optimistic and remaining realistic about the current situation. By maintaining both these points of view, it will be possible both to stay highly motivated and to tackle the problems that arise.

This is not a statement just for bitcoin, but for the world. Although this site is not explicitly political, I have watched over the last few years as the world economy crashed. Those who cause the crash are given dinners honoring their services and those who suffered because of those crimes are penalized in our courts. I have seen the government paralyzed when called on to act in the public good, but act swiftly in the interest of the most well-off among us.

I do not give any credence to conspiracy theories, but I do see that there is great danger in our future if thing continue the way they are going. I fear for the world that my children will inherit. I would very much like to gift to them a better world.

It is not impossible that Bitcoin may be the wake-up call that those who are complacent need. It is not impossible that it will be a shift in power and resources back to the people. It is my hope that by investing in Bitcoin I can help push this world into a better place.

The Future of BitCoin Warrior:

In the short-term, it is my objective to fill out the educational areas of the site. I will be adding content as posts and then adding them to the other parts of the site as time permits.

I am also developing an app to allow store owners more easily figure the right price for a goods/bitcoin exchange. Please check back for an announcement of the apps roll-out.

Guest posts, news, and opinion are encouraged. As long as your post has value to the reader beyond what you are plugging, plugs are welcome in your post.

About BitCoin Warrior:

BitCoin Warrior is an American citizen who lives in Tokyo, Japan with his wife and two children. By day, he works in the education field. You can contact the BitCoin Warrior using the form below. Your thoughts, comments, ideas, and suggestions are always deeply appreciated.

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