BitCoin News Rounup: May 13, 2013


Just a quick post today. �GigaOM has announced that they, in conjunction with Ribbit Capital, are doing a Bitcoin meetup in San Jose. �I, unfortunately, am way to far away to take advantage, but there is sure to be a lot to be learned.

You can get free tickets�here. �Attendees will include:

David Barrett, CEO, Expensify

Mike Hearn, Engineer, Google�

Wences Casares, Founder, Lemon

Bennett Hoffman, Co-founder/CTO, Buttercoin

Meyer “Micky” Malka, Managing Partner, Ribbit Capital

Peter Vessenes, CEO at CoinLab, Inc

Jeff Roberts, Writer, GigaOM

Roger Ver,�CEO/Founder,

In other news. more and more business are starting to accept Bitcoin. Business Insider Australia has an interesting article about a real estate agent in Melbourne accepting his fee in Bitcoin.

Law 4 Small Business, a New Mexico firm, has also announced that it has started to accept bitcoin.

And, a digital gift card site, has started accepting Bitcoin too!

And, best of all, the good folks at Lamassu have announced that they will start putting out a BitCoin ATM machine. �Good luck, guys!

This is a trickle now, but a trickle becomes a flood!


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