BitCoin News Roundup: The Quieting Storm Edition


This last month has seen some heavy seas for the Bitcoin pirates. �But, we held fast and come through to the bright of the morning.

Ok, so that is a little over the top, but thngs are both looking up, and mixed, for BitCoin.

The good is that there have been no more immediate bombshells coming out of the DHS seizure of Mt. Gox cash accounts. �It is become more certain that this was an attack on that organization for specific actions and not an overall attack on Bitcoin. �Furthermore, the price of Bitcoin, which many expected to plummet, barely depressed before rebounding. �This is probably a sign of the strength of faith in Bitcoin that current users have. �And, of course. �Those in it at this point with all techno-strangeness are going to be the once who understand its potential and not likely be scared away by a few governmental attacks.

The bad, those governmental attacks are coming and should be counted on. �Bitcoin is not going to be the thing that undermines the fabric of society as, I assure you, some are going to scream at the top of their lungs. �But it is revolutionary and may cause changes in banking, employment, taxation, etc. etc. �Governments�fear change, especially change they can’t control, and they will try to stomp this out.

Did I say bad? �Actually, it is through those efforts to stomp out Bitcoin that its real durability and utility will be revealed. �In crisis, people will flock to it and adopt it, and at that point, it will become an inevitable fact of life. �An just maybe, positively impact this poor world of ours.

We are living in a time of change. �I have small children and I want to help make this a better place for them.

The good. �According to recent research, a good deal of Bitcoin trade is going toward donations. This site shows many organizations that accept bitcoins. �Some are not what I would donate to, but a few are. �Something to check out.


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