Submit Your Bitcoin Discount

To promote the adoption and use of Bitcoin, Bitcoin Warrior is posting about businesses that offer discounts when paid in Bitcoin. Any type of discount is acceptable, as long as it offered for users of Bitcoin.

This is a free service for the Bitcoin community. The post will be featured on our homepage and shared on our social media. It will remain searchable on our database for as long as we continue the service or until you request the post be taken down.

If you would like your business to be featured, please submit the following information:

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** Notes **

  • The better you make your copy, the more effective it will be when published.
  • In general, we will do only light editing. If more than light editing is required, your business might not be posted.
  • Please include a png, jpg, or jpeg image of about 300×250 size. Rectangular images are preferred, but square images are also accepted. The image should be SFW.
  • Bitcoin Warrior may decline to post a discounting business at our sole discretion and without explanation.

Thank you for helping to make Bitcoin a success!

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