Mark Yusko’s Crypto Summer Prophecy: Are We On The Brink Of An Epic Bull Run?


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Cryptocurrency fervor continues to rise, with Mark Yusko, the visionary founder, and CEO of Morgan Creek Digital, doubling down on his bullish predictions for the digital asset market. Despite his forecast of an imminent crypto bull market seeming premature, Yusko remains sanguine, suggesting that a vibrant “crypto summer” is on the horizon, likely to kickstart around mid-June.

Bitcoin’s Resilience: A Sign of Greater Things to Come

Yusko’s optimism isn’t unfounded. His bullish outlook is partly based on the current market performance of Bitcoin (BTC). Despite the digital currency’s flat performance over the past 12 months, Yusko sees a potential reversal pattern, which he finds intriguing.

From its peak of $60,000 to its subsequent dip to $27,000 and eventual downturn to $15,000 during the FTX debacle, Bitcoin’s trajectory appears to have carved out a distinct inverse head and shoulders at $27,000. This pattern, a classic technical signal of a potential bullish reversal, suggests a large-scale breakout could be imminent.

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However, Yusko cautions that a positive catalyst may be necessary to trigger this turnaround. “I think we need to see some good news to get the momentum going,” he stated.

Bank Failures and the Impending Arrival of CBDCs

In the wake of multiple regional bank failures this year, Yusko offers an intriguing perspective. He believes this turmoil in the banking sector might have been deliberately orchestrated to pave the way for the seamless adoption of a central bank digital currency (CBDC).

While bank failures would typically incite panic and potentially trigger a Bitcoin crash, the cryptocurrency has instead demonstrated significant resilience. This, according to Yusko, suggests a broader narrative at play.

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“If you would have said we’re going to have three of the largest bank failures in history this year… you would have thought, ‘Oh my God, Bitcoin is going to crash.’ Instead, it’s up meaningfully. I do think there’s information content there,” Yusko said.

The veteran investor argues that these bank failures, rather than signaling disaster, might be part of a plan to instill fear in the traditional banking system. This, he suggests, could lead to people willingly embracing the forthcoming CBDC.