Ripple News: US Attorney Confirms 75% of Portfolio Invested in XRP


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Jeremy Hogan, a partner at Hogan & Hogan, has disclosed his crypto portfolio, revealing that the majority of his holdings, approximately 74.3%, are in XRP, with the remaining 25.69% allocated to Bitcoin. Hogan, who has been closely following the ongoing Ripple vs. SEC lawsuit, shared details of his wallet activity, which showed recent operations as of today, indicating that he may have purchased more Bitcoin or XRP within the past 24 hours.

Smaller Allocations on Exchanges

Although Hogan indicated that he holds other coins on exchanges, the amounts are relatively small, with the majority of his holdings stored securely on a Ledger Nano. Hogan points out that centralized exchanges do not provide coin security similar to Ledger Nano, and the latter allows users to control the security key phrases, which is not a feature offered by exchanges.

Hogan’s Thoughts on Ripple vs. SEC Case

Hogan is convinced that Ripple has a better chance of winning the case against the United States SEC. Nevertheless, he acknowledges that there are risks involved, but this hasn’t stopped him from investing heavily in XRP.

John E Deaton Weighs in

John E Deaton, another prominent US lawyer affiliated with the Ripple and SEC case, stated that Judge Analisa Torres could file her decision at any moment within the next two months.

This news has caused heightened speculation in the XRP market, which has recently gained traction and is currently trading around $0.49 after reaching this year’s high of about $0.58.

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