Craig Wright : Tulip Trading Case Outcome Will End Ripple And XRP


Craig Wright

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On Feb 3, 2023, popular American businessman Craig Wright filed a lawsuit against 16 Bitcoin developers who are set to go under trial in London. If Craig Wright wins, Bitcoin developers will be forced to modify Bitcoin code. Also it’s been said that through this lawsuit, Craig will earn billions of dollars.

As per reporters, Wright is forcing the developers to surrender the crypto and modify code. The main reason for Wright to sue the developers is that a year ago he lost access to his key due to a hack. He claims that if he had access to the keys, he would have withdrawn crypto from other addresses.

David Schwartz : Tulip Trading case id nonsensical

Now with the latest updates, the self-proclaimed Bitcoin creator Criag Wright has claimed that the result of his case against Bitcoin developers will end Ripple and XRP. The claim was revealed via Twitter’s post on Feb 4, 2023 where he also stated that this is the reason why XRP community is keeping up with his case.

Furthermore, the US businessman believes that the case will confirm that most of the Blockchains including XRP ledger is not a decentralized network. This is because he asserts that the network is basically controlled by Ripple who keep changing the rules regularly as per their wish.

This comes a day after a UK court passed a judgment on Feb 3 that the Tulip Trading case will go on trial next year as the judge believes that this is a serious issue that needs to be tried. Craig through his case against Bitcoin developers is looking forward to recovering 111,000 BTC that he lost in the hack.

Meanwhile, the crypto community including Ripple’s chief technology officer David Schwartz has quoted Craig’s Tulip Trading case as “nonsensical”

Meanwhile, Ripple’s XRP is now trading at $0.3977 after a loss of 1.54% over the last 24hrs.