Will Ethereum Classic (ETC) Be Dead Post Merge? Here’s what the Cardano founder Has to Say


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Not a single day passes in the crypto space without creating an argument between Cardano creator Charles Hoskinson and the audience who oppose him. Today was no exception as the Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson thrashed the Ethereum Classic (ETC) following recent allegations of ETC miner tax.

Is Ethereum Classic (ETC) A Dead Project?

A famous Ethereum Classic supporter (@sethccormack9-Twitter) claimed that Hoskinson tried to force ETC miners to pay a 20% tax to milk the network. The ETC supporter also accused Hoskinson of being only interested in extracting maximum profits from the network.

However, Charles Hoskinson gave a harsh reply to this allegation publicly. The founder did not miss a chance to clarify his development fund proposal and took a shot at ETC. He explained that the so-called tax was a fund that would help the ETC network for sustainable development.

He was also worried about the Ethereum Classic network not reaching its full potential. Furthermore, he slammed the ETC project, referring to it as a “dead project with no purpose or compelling argument to exist outside of spite.”

Charles Hoskinson actively responds to criticism and allegations as he believes those bad-mouthing his proposals and projects need a mouthwash. Previously, Hoskinson also criticized the Solana network as he compared it to a Nintendo console and recommended a YouTube tutorial that could solve the continuous network congestion faced by the network.

Ethereum Classic Trades Up By 30%

Ethereum Classic does not seem to care about these criticisms made by Hoskinson, as ETC is the most emerging coin ahead of the Ethereum Merge. ETC is currently building its dominance as it is the next choice for PoW miners to continue their mining after the Merge.

According to CoinMarketCap, the forked ‘Ethereum’ is currently trading near $41, up by 26% from yesterday. In the last two months, ETC got a spike of over 200%, which is an excellent indication for the crypto-community.