Ripple vs SEC Case : This Is How The Lawsuit Could Find An End



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The Ripple and SEC case has recently been rather quiet. Social media interest in the issue stays strong, but there are some real advancements. Eventually, Ripple Labs was successful in having the SEC’s request to block William Hinman’s claims rejected.

This started a few weeks ago. Nothing much has occurred since then. Ripple Labs’ major announcement was that the company hoped to go public when the case was resolved. That was major news, but it had limited impact on how the trial would proceed – assuming the case goes to court at all.

What we know is that there are only two viable outcomes to the XRP case. Either the SEC or Ripple Labs will compromise, or the case will go to court. So far, there is no sign that the judge in the case expects to drop it, so we are left with these two options.

Two Ways XRP Case Can Settle

For now, let’s dig in deeper on how the XRP dispute will end.

  1. Resolve

An agreement is reached if two parties in a lawsuit decide to end their disagreement without going to trial. Often, there is a monetary exchange. This appeared to be the most likely conclusion during the earlier XRP case.

Most firms that are charged by the SEC likely resolve. During the initial days of the XRP case, many analysts predicted that Ripple Labs would settle like others did. However, Ripple Labs argues that it has no involvement in the case being challenged by the SEC and requests that the authority pay its litigation. This is clearly not the sort of activity you’d assume from a firm that’s willing to compromise.

The SEC expects Ripple to settle $1.3 billion along with interest. Whereas, Ripple demands SEC to pay the amount for initiating a worthless case. The stance at both the end is so strong that it doesn’t look like the case will see an end soon.

  1. Facing A Trial

This one is the most likely one to happen, XRP facing a trial. If anything such occurs, Ripple Labs and the SEC will argue their case before a court. The judges will judge if the business committed any wrongdoing.

Suppose the jury decides that Ripple is of no fault, the company is free to go. But if the  judges claim Ripple did something improper, it will have to pay a monetary penalty. The SEC is demanding $1.3 billion plus interest, although the final amount might be less.

Final Thoughts

At this moment, it appears that the SEC vs. Ripple Labs case will proceed to trial. The two parties seem to have little intention to compromise, and the issue is just being postponed. If this thing goes to trial, it might be over as soon as November. It might finish sooner if a surprising deal is reached