Stratus – The Future Social Media Front Runner


Social media is an essential part of a developing world and global connection. It serves as a bridge between individuals from all over, ensuring the spread of information, and facilitating active interactions. Lately, it is a matter of typing and a click away to get whatever you need. All purposes considered there are vital aspects of what social media platforms present for all of us.

The Primary Essence of Social Media

One such factor is the sharing of information. In this digital age, these platforms enable posting thoughts through digital content, including articles, pictures, videos, and more. You will find discussions on different topics on Twitter, QuoraReddit, and the like. Additionally, sites like YouTube spreads information through video tutorials, conferences, and more. These are but a few of the diversities of information sharing on social platforms.

The next essential aspect is the interaction. After a long day of stressful hassle on the outside world, social media is a haven for relaxation. Social media connects people and enables them to share their thoughts, feelings, jokes, and others, breaking the laws surrounding time and geographical location. The platforms support video calls across the world, calls, and messaging. The best applications for the same are sites like Facebook, Skype, WhatsApp, Google Duo, and emailing sites, to mention but a few.

The third and rising trend is in online marketing and sales. Merchants realize the power social media holds in the spread of information on products. You can create a page displaying a catalog of the products you sell, look for sponsorship, pay, and get an advertisement on social platforms. You may have noticed sponsored pages on sites like Facebook and Instagram relating to the same purpose.

AmazoneBayAlibaba, Godaddy, and others are online platforms that provide the sale and shipping of products worldwide. They further enable online payments through other applications like PayPal, mobile banking services, and more. Overall, everyone gets the services they need with the merchant selling and the buyer locating products seamlessly.

Social Media Censorship: The Need for Censorship-free Social Ecosystems

Several networks are under implications for deleting content associated with the coronavirus pandemic. It beats sense as we consider the extent of the effect it is having on people and economies globally. It goes beyond this point into YouTube discarding crypto channels lately, to deleting videos depicting police brutality, even a cat in a suit!

Understanding the reasons behind censorship and users’ blockage surrounds the control by powerful entities, including governments. You will realize that most content deleted is that which goes against the opinions of the controllers and sponsors of these sites. It destroys the whole idea of having space to air every thought without a silencing barrier.

Some countries move ahead to enforce laws to encourage the same discrepancy. Some well-known for it are Turkey, Syria, Russia, China, the UAE, Iran, North Korea, and more. However, censorship erodes the values of critical thinking, due diligence, accountability, and information spread. It increases corporate propaganda, ignorance of underlying social issues, encouraging more vices, and others.

Stratus, the Censorship Free Platform

Apollo Fintech’s reach goes way beyond the fintech world into the confines of social issues. It recognizes the need to create a platform that extends to all sectors, including communication, freelancing, marketplaces, payment platforms, and unprecedented information sharing.

At the same time, it hopes to achieve an environment exercising freedom of speech while evading illicit content. Therefore, Apollo Fintech developed Stratus, hoping to launch in Q3 2020. Stratus integrating multiple social and payment platforms, leveraging blockchain, to upsurge censorship-free conditions in a secure and private environment.

Freedom with a Topping of Privacy

Following the sentiments of restrictions in content sharing, Stratus aims to allow everyone to air their opinion. At the same time, Stratus targets users’ safety from illegal content spreading terrorist propaganda, hailing abuse, financial discrepancies, and more.

The target is to create awareness for all, rebuke mistreatment, veer away from controlled analysis, and media misuse by corporate entities.

Apollo Fintech considers platforms turning users into the product through the harvesting of private information. Stratus assures all of the indefinite privacy without intrusion by the network. You can safely message, call, post, and more without fear of unauthorized access.

An Extensive Network

Stratus takes the functionality of Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, Telegram, PayPal, Upwork, Godaddy, Robinhood, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, Telegram, MediumCoinbase, and others into a single ecosystem. It will display video and voice calls, messaging, mentions, point of sale, articles, peer-to-peer transactions, universal wallet and account, blue badge, apps, and more. Services, such as banking, finance, shopping, and travel, will be at the users’ disposal.

It makes it easier by providing a central account to display the feed from all the platforms within Stratus. Likewise, you can access every single platform from the specific account. Stratus enables payments through the Apollo and Fiat wallets. Additionally, it will utilize the Knox World Pay enabling BTC transfers and payments at 1-2 seconds globally. Furthermore, it is a point to drive crypto mass adoption through the SMS transfer feature. Now, individuals lacking smartphones will have access to the crypto transaction in the most remote areas.

Apollo Blockchain

Stratus will operate on the Apollo blockchain. It can access Apollo’s superior infrastructure, including sharding, sub-second speeds, adaptive forging, and seamless security. The company is working towards implementing quantum resistance to protect all its platforms from quantum computing vulnerabilities. Stratus will enjoy the same being on the blockchain.

Stratus, Redefining Social Media

According to Steve McCullah, the main endgame for Stratus is to bring simplicity and convenience to all internet users. In that case, Stratus will include all popular social platforms into its network for unprecedented access. Besides, it targets the security, privacy, and freedom of speech for Stratus customers. It appreciates the need for a censorship-free platform to facilitate the spread of valuable information globally.

In time, Stratus will show the world the possibilities of blockchain mass adoption by combining multiple services into a single network. It enables both fiat and crypto transfers and payments through SMS displaying its uniqueness. As all the plans to upgrade it roll out, the full potential of Stratus will be visible.