The Best Ways to Utilize Your Bitcoin in Vegas


If you haven’t heard of Bitcoin you must have been hiding under a rock. At this moment in time, one Bitcoin is worth 8,540 US dollars.

Bitcoin is listed as the world’s first cryptocurrency and, despite some up and downs, it has become a successful venture. Of course, you don’t need to buy Bitcoin, it is still possible to mine it online and keep it in your free online wallet.

But, what about when you want to spend it? When you feel like a weekend in Vegas to blow some cash and lose the stress.

Fortunately, this is an area where Bitcoin is really starting to come into its own. The idea of an online currency has been a huge hit with online gambling sites and gamblers. It allows fast movement of funds and is accepted by the most trusted Bitcoin casinos.

Using Your Bitcoin in Vegas

You may not be able to order and have a pizza delivered with a Bitcoin wallet yet, but it is only a matter of time. Vegas has already seen the potential in Bitcoin and many of the casinos are accepting it while keeping a watchful eye on the volatile values.

In fact, there are two casinos in Vegas that accept Bitcoin as payment, that’s the Golden Gate and The D.

The D

It’s worth noting that you can’t actually gamble with your Bitcoin yet. But, you can sell some of your Bitcoins via their in-house ATM machines. In short, you can exchange Bitcoin for cold, hard cash.

Of course, there are an array of charges that go with this function but it does allow you to access your Bitcoin funds and use them to create more funds, providing your luck is good.

If you’ve had Bitcoin since it’s startup days this is a great way to access some of your funds and have a little fun.

You should also be aware that the front desk and the restaurant do accept Bitcoin, you can literally get yourself a room and a meal with your cryptocurrency. That’s the future everyone is dreaming off.

The Golden Gate

As the Golden Gate is owned and run by the same group as The D you won’t be surprised to find the setup is basically the same, you can sell Bitcoin through their ATM, giving you the funds you need to enjoy a night of gambling.

However, while you can get a room at the Golden Gate with your Bitcoin, even if you can’t get something to eat.

This is a trend that is likely to increase, the management group of these two hotels states that revenue is up, thanks to Bitcoin, that’s not something the other casinos are going to want to miss out on.

Add to that the fact that Bitcoin can eliminate many of the headaches these casinos have thanks to having large amounts of cash sat around, and you can see the future is definitely heading towards Bitcoin and digital currency.