Major Japanese Internet Company to Permit Crypto Asset Payments for Game


GMO Internet, Inc., a major Internet-related company that includes a cryptocurrency exchange operator among its group companies, announced that it plans to plans to enable CryoptoChips by GMO crypto assets to be distributed as compensation in the game app for “Captain Tsubasa ZERO,” a real-time football simulation role-playing game.

This will be the second game, following “Whimsical War,” to support crypto assets.

By adding CryptoChips to the game app it enables distribution of crypto assets as payments to players when they reach the upper ranks within the game, complete missions or acquire items. Crypto assets used as payments are distributed to a wallet that players register in advance.

“Whimsical War,” the first game to use CryptoChips, did so in a regular event that enabled bitcoin to be paid to a player depending on their ranking within the game. In the three times the event was held, Bitcoin worth \323,100 was distributed among 1,494 plyers. Bitcoin equivalent to \3 million was also reported to have been used on official event held in September 2018.

The “Captain Tsubasa ZERO” smartphone game recreates the latest “Captain Tsubasa” TV anime world and players can vicariously play games with Tsubasa and companions.

The plan is to use CryptoChips in the game from March 2019. An event is being planned where Bitcoin can also be distributed through “Captain Tsubasa ZERO.”

“Distributing crypto assets will make the game more fun, and we want to plan more for users to enjoy games even more,” GMO Internet said when announcing the crypto asset payments.

*This article was written by Fisco