Supporters of Buffett vs. Supporters of Bitcoin: Who’s the ‘rat’?


Bitcoin fans and supporters are already aware of Warren Buffett’s statement at the Berkshire Hathaway annual meeting that was held earlier this month. Mr. Buffett called Bitcoin ‘rat poison squared’ and his comment has stirred some controversy in the crypto and investing communities.

What happened as a result? Bitcoin fans started trolling Warren Buffett with a ‘Rat Poison Squared’ clothing line. Well, we can say that this is already turning this into a dogfight.

According to MarketWatch the number of crypto critics are growing every day including Jamie Dimon, J.P. Morgan’s JPM, Robert Shiller, The Shark Tank guru Mark Cuban and even Bill Gates, who recently said, “I would short bitcoin if I could.”

In a recent press release, crypto believer and COO of ECoinmerce Rex Chen responded to Buffett’s statement on Bitcoin:

“We don’t know exactly what ‘rat poison squared’ is supposed to mean. What we do know is that Bitcoin created a very productive ecosystem and spawned the entire cryptocurrency revolution, which is driving innovation in nearly every industry.”

ECoinmerce is the world’s first decentralized and tokenized marketplace that will offer consumers and retailers a decentralized platform similar to Amazon and Alibaba.

The platform will allow consumers to buy as groups for huge discounts, auction goods to each other, and will feature daily deals at huge discounts. Users will also be incentivized to refer friends, share deals with social media followers, and write product reviews for any goods they’ve purchased.

In solidarity with Bitcoin and cryptocurrency enthusiasts everywhere, ECoinmerce will start selling everything from t-shirts to coffee mugs with the logo ‘Rat Poison Squared’ on their Marketplace Preview page. Prices will range from $19.99 to $39.99.

“This clothing line is intended to give Bitcoin and cryptocurrency enthusiasts pride in their defiance of the status quo and their belief in a better future,” said Chen.