Blockchain Insurance Platform Inchain�s Ongoing ICO Offers a Great Investment Opportunity


Bitcoin Press Release: The ground-breaking Ethereum based Inchain blockchain insurance platform offers an exciting opportunity to invest in the ongoing ICO.

November 3, 2016, London, England – Inchain, the decentralized insurance platform built on blockchain technology invites the cryptocurrency community to take part in the ongoing ICO campaign. The four-week long ICO involving Inchain value coins kicked off on October 27, 2016, and will go on until November 24, 2016. It gives a unique opportunity for the investors to be part of the first insurance platform for crypto-assets.

Inchain decentralized insurance platform is a need of the hour as cryptocurrency platforms and wallet services are increasingly coming under attack. Inchain mitigates the cryptocurrency community’s risks associated with total or partial losses of assets due to cyber attacks and hacking incidents. The platform is designed to operate with minimal human interaction by implementing Ethereum based smart contracts in the core.

“Nobody is happy if there is a possibility that his funds can be stolen. There have been more than 40 hacks in the last years, every third exchange has got hacked according to different sources. This keeps the majority away from the blockchain and cryptocurrencies. We aim to solve this problem by introducing the insurance for crypto assets stored with exchanges and wallets,”

Says Dmitri Lazarichev, co-founder of Inchain who also happens to be the co-founder of Wirex.

Users can set their desired insurance parameters and the platform will automatically generate the respective smart contracts to manage insurance policies, payments on claims etc. In addition to crypto-insurance, Inchain also allows investments into insurance-linked bonds as fixed income instruments for passive returns. The Inchain insurance fund is managed according to the DAO principles to ensure healthy returns for the investors while keeping the users’ interests in mind.

The ICO involves a total of 100 million Inchain value coins of which 85 million is made available for the investors and community members. Remaining 15 million is set aside for development (9 million) and other core activities including preICO and postICO bounties (1 million) and strategic partners, consulting and auditing (5 million). Early investors can avail attractive ICO bonus of 20% during the first 7 days, 10% from day 8 till day 14, and 5% between day 15 and 21 respectively.

Advantages of Participating in Inchain ICO

As the platform receives wide adoption, Inchain token values are bound to increase, which will allow investors to break even and turn profitable in no time. The platform has a robust, DAO driven investment strategies in place which will contribute to the regular dividends issued to Inchain investors. Inchain token holders are eligible for dividends and they can also propose and vote for investment strategies. With less than 22 days to go before the completion of ICO, this is the right time to buy Inchain tokens profitably.

About Inchain

Founded by Dmitry Lazarichev and Sergey Primatchik, Inchain is one of a kind Ethereum based blockchain insurance platform that allows cryptocurrency users to minimize risk by insuring their digital assets.

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