Use Bitcoin at Amazon, AliExpress, and More With a Free Unichange Bitcoin Debit Card


Bitcoin Press Release: Innovative Bitcoin exchange platform Unichange is pleased to announce the giveaway of free virtual Bitcoin debit cards that can be used at Amazon, AliExpress and more outlets.

Starting today, Unichange launches its free giveaway of Unichange virtual debit cards to every customer ordering a Unichange plastic Bitcoin debit card.

Conditions of the promotion are very transparent: customers who order a Unichange plastic card will receive Unichange virtual card (of the same currency) free of charge, please click here for the details of the Bitcoin virtual debit card promotion.

Delivery of virtual card is instant, so customers can use their virtual card while waiting for arrival of the ordered plastic card. Funds on the virtual card can be transferred to the plastic card as soon as it has been received.

Unichange has very low fees of only 0.7% fee for Bitcoin, Litecoin and BTC-e USD codes to Unichange card transfer.

Once funds appear on Unichange these funds are fully covered by the card provider with EMI license, and customers can use the funds on their card worldwide.

The Bitcoin and Litecoin debit cards are the perfect solution for traders, IB partners, Binary option traders, hosting services, design and consultancy services, bloggers, forum owners, and anyone else who accepts crypto and e-currencies on their websites and wishes to withdraw funds in a fast and secure way.

Plastic and virtual Unichange cards can be ordered in both EUR and USD currencies.

Main advantages of Unichange cards:

� ATM withdrawal limits up to 90 000 USD/EUR monthly,
– Low cost (plastic cards cost 9 USD or 8 EUR),
– Unlimited POS transactions (cards can be used at AliExpress, Amazon, Taobao, eBay etc),
– Funding of card balance with Bitcoin, Litecoin, BTC-e code and other methods are also available

If the card is not available in some countries, alternative methods for withdrawing crypto are also available on the Unichange website.

About UniChange: strives to cover the needs of their clients, providing unique and universal solutions for fast and secure Bitcoin, Litecoin and e-currency transfers. The platform is fast building a solid reputation in the digital currency exchange space, and believes there is no need to pay unreasonably high fees for a reliable exchange service.

To learn more and to obtain a free virtual Bitcoin and Litecoin debit card please go to:

Media Contact:

Name: David Jr (Unichange Senior Marketing Manager)


City and Country Location: Romania, Bucharest

Unichange is the source of this content. Virtual currency is not legal tender, is not backed by the government, and accounts and value balances are not subject to consumer protections. This press release is for informational purposes only. The information does not constitute investment advice or an offer to invest.

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