GKS Katowice the First Professional Football Club to Accept Bitcoin


By Mark Norton � Editor at BitcoinWarrior.net

Last month the Sacramento Kings became the first sports team that I’m aware of to officially accept Bitcoin spurred by the owner, Vivek Ranadivé, passion to bring technology, globalization, and community partnerships to basketball. Now, GKS Katowice, a football team located in Poland, is catching the Bitcoin fever as well.

GKS Katowice was founded in 1964 and has been a prominent team in Poland for much their existence. For their 50th anniversary, they have decided to have a ‘Week of GieKSa.’ The press conference starting off this week featured an announcement that the team would begin accepting Bitcoin. This makes GKS Katowice the first professional football club in the world to be powered by Bitcoin.

The Club President, Wojciech Cygan, claims that the team is open to new technologies. “We want to be innovative and to show our fans that we have great ambitions to be one of the best football clubs around.” Cygan believes that accepting Bitcoin is a bold business step that on one level shows how well the club embraces technology, and on the other will allow fans the convenience of dealing directly with the club by paying wallet to wallet.

Some fans have been enthusiastic about the adoption, claiming how important it is for Polish football clubs to move into the 21st century and use modern methods of payment. By accepting Bitcoin, GKS Katowice will be leading the way in tech as well as football, which is right where they want to be.

Press officer Marcin Cwikta echoes this sentiment. “This is another example of GieKSa looking to the future and rapidly entering a new era.” He went on to say that they plan to accept Bitcoin for tickets and club merchandise.

Bitcoin Warrior wishes GKS Katowice a happy birthday and great luck with their Bitcoin venture.

You can visit their Polish language website here. I have also embedded below a video of the team (in yellow) in action.