CoinFinance: A Multi-Purpose Cryptocurrency Tool


Sponsored Post: 7/20/2014
CoinFinance is a professional online platform for creating and tracking cryptocurrency portfolios. This free application is packed with features that will help you get better acquainted with different kinds of digital coins, the rise and fall of […]

People’s Wallet to Spur Adoption


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Bitcoin for everyone 

Bitcoin has been hovering on the edge of public consciousness — interesting, but risky -  for techies and big investors only. Blockchain’s new app enables ordinary people not just to find Bitcoin sales outlets, […]

A Red Flag for Bitcoin


By Mark Norton: [email protected] 7/22/2014

In the late 1900s, just as the car was starting to appear on the streets of the nation, legislators took on the responsibility of regulating these threats to life and property. A common form of […]

PSA: Bitcoin Generators Will Steal Your Bitcoins

Hi Bit-Coiners! To be frank, I can’t believe i came across this video, the original one was leaked by some Anonymous guy from Serbia So i thought I’d share it around since I’ve been screwed before using these programs! […]

The Evolution of Bitcoin


By Adam Wyatt: 07/18/2014

Can You Predict The Future Of Bitcoin?

Like the old adage “through a glass darkly,” predicting the evolution of Bitcoin is much like, in the early 1990s, trying to accurately describe the future of the internet. Too many […]

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    SCI Brings Bitcoin to the Philippines: An Interview with Luis Buenaventura

SCI Brings Bitcoin to the Philippines: An Interview with Luis Buenaventura

Policymakers can do much more to maximize the positive impact of remittances by making them less costly and more productive for both the individual and the recipient country. -Dilip Ratha, Manager of the Migration and Remittances Team at the […]

Is this the week that Bitcoin made it?


An Open Intelligence Alert. 7/14/2014
Increasing investment in record growth

For some, Bitcoin mania never went away. The Financial Times, for example, publishes the articles its FTAlphaVille Blog under the heading BitcoinMania. But for the vast majority of people interested in […]

Execoin Announces Open-source Stealth Address Wallet

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Execoin (, the fast ASIC-resistant crypto currency, proudly presents the first open-source Electrum wallet with stealth addresses technology! After months of intensive development, the Execoin team has released its own open-source implementation of stealth addresses technology based on […]

Bankers’ Deaths a Canary in the Coal Mine

We have been reporting for better than year about the US federal government’s policies of not prosecuting the bad actors responsible for the last crash, of printing money to bolster the economic ‘recovery’ we’re experiencing, and of Wall Street’s […]

Bitcoin for Terrorism Not All it’s Cracked Up to Be


The sixth century has met the twenty-first: A member of ISIS, a radical fundamentalist Islamic group has reportedly blogged about the how useful Bitcoin could be in fundraising for militant operations. The author, Amreeki, explains to an audience that […]

Market Downturn Imminent

Analysts expect a 5% increase in revenues of S&P 500 traded companies; numbers lower than expected may send the market into correction. PlusFinancials Research Department warns against over-optimism in the U.S. market. According to analysts,…


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    The Goxxing Doesn’t Stop: 15 Mil in Gox Assets Missing from Court Documents

The Goxxing Doesn’t Stop: 15 Mil in Gox Assets Missing from Court Documents


Even after closing, the shenanigans at Mt. Gox just don’t seem to stop.

Just before Mt. Gox closed shut down its website and finally stopped all trading, there was a leak of a ‘Crisis Strategy Draft’ which detailed, amongst other […]

Bitcoin Pays a Mortgage


Once upon a time in America, owning your own home was the holy grail of the American Dream. Houses were expensive, sure, but with a stable job and a fixed-rate loan from the bank, you could plan your future […]

Market Increases Show Investors’ Psychological Disconnet

No one disputes the U.S. markets recent all-time highs, as the S&P500 closed the week trading at a gain of 1.25% and near a high around $ 1,985. The Nasdaq ended the week’s trading up 2% at around $ 4,485 and  approached…


Bitcoin: The Symptom is the Cure


When Nick Hanauer took to the pages of Politico to talk to his fellow 1%ers, judging by the response he got in some parts of the media, he may have taken the wrong tone. Rather than talk calmly and […]