CoinFinance: A Multi-Purpose Cryptocurrency Tool


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CoinFinance is a professional online platform for creating and tracking cryptocurrency portfolios. This free application is packed with features that will help you get better acquainted with different kinds of digital coins, the rise and fall of […] A Lithuanian Exchange with Global Aspirations

By Mark Norton 7/30/2014

The end of 2013 and the beginning of 2014 was a brutal time for Bitcoin businesses: BitInstant, BitFloor, Coinlenders and, Silkroad, Neo and Bee, and finally, the massive crash of Mt. Gox. For a little […]

Coinapult Ensures Stability for the Bitcoin User

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*New price locking service*

From the sources, it is not clear how Coinapult makes money from the service. Conversely, would it be possible for them to lose money if say the Bitcoin price changes […]

Bitcoin Price Not and an Indicator of Its Value

By Mark Norton: [email protected] 7/28/2014

I have a confession to make: Before becoming interested in Bitcoin, I hardly ever read the financial pages or took an interest in price predictions. It was the promise of Bitcoin that got me researching […]

Seizure of Cypriot Bank Shows the Need for Bitcoin


For the majority of people, money is the equivalent of food and water – access to it is life itself. If the money spigot is shut off, a lot of us would very quickly find ourselves wondering how we […]

CryptoNote: A Platform for Anonymous Coins


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CryptoNote was designed as a useful tool to help people separate themselves from the current financial system of total control and surveillance. The ultimate goal of the CryptoNote platform is the widespread recognition of the technology through the […]

U.S. Market: No Reason for Optimisim

Recently, Fed Chair Janet Yellen emphasized her satisfaction about the recovery pace of the US labor market; however profound analysis raises several significant doubts regarding the optimism among FED members. The attached graph indicates the…


Chamber of Digital Commerce Issues a Call to Action

Call to Action: Chamber of Digital Commerce Urges Industry To Submit Comments on New York’s Proposed BitLicense Regulations
COIN CONGRESS SAN FRANCISCO July 23, 2014 – The newly formed Chamber of Digital Commerce finds the New York Department of Financial Services […]

AsMoney: The New eCurrency Payment Processor

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AsMoney is one of the newest and most exciting eCurrency systems which allows for payments in both Bitcoin and Litecoin that has hit the market yet.
AsMoney, a trademark registered to AMN Technologies Company in 2013, is headed by […]

People’s Wallet to Spur Adoption


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Bitcoin for everyone 

Bitcoin has been hovering on the edge of public consciousness — interesting, but risky -  for techies and big investors only. Blockchain’s new app enables ordinary people not just to find Bitcoin sales outlets, […]

A Red Flag for Bitcoin


By Mark Norton: [email protected] 7/22/2014

In the late 1900s, just as the car was starting to appear on the streets of the nation, legislators took on the responsibility of regulating these threats to life and property. A common form of […]

PSA: Bitcoin Generators Will Steal Your Bitcoins

Hi Bit-Coiners! To be frank, I can’t believe i came across this video, the original one was leaked by some Anonymous guy from Serbia So i thought I’d share it around since I’ve been screwed before using these programs! […]

The Evolution of Bitcoin


By Adam Wyatt: 07/18/2014

Can You Predict The Future Of Bitcoin?

Like the old adage “through a glass darkly,” predicting the evolution of Bitcoin is much like, in the early 1990s, trying to accurately describe the future of the internet. Too many […]

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    SCI Brings Bitcoin to the Philippines: An Interview with Luis Buenaventura

SCI Brings Bitcoin to the Philippines: An Interview with Luis Buenaventura

Policymakers can do much more to maximize the positive impact of remittances by making them less costly and more productive for both the individual and the recipient country. -Dilip Ratha, Manager of the Migration and Remittances Team at the […]

Is this the week that Bitcoin made it?


An Open Intelligence Alert. 7/14/2014
Increasing investment in record growth

For some, Bitcoin mania never went away. The Financial Times, for example, publishes the articles its FTAlphaVille Blog under the heading BitcoinMania. But for the vast majority of people interested in […]