‘Dogecoin Millionaire’s’ Holdings Drop From $3M To $50K — But Remains Optimistic, Says DOGE ‘Will Rise Again’

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Las Vegas resident Glauber Contessoto, famously known as the “Dogecoin (CRYPTO: DOGE) Millionaire,” watched his fortune take a drastic plunge from $3 million to as low as $50,000. What Happened: Contessoto, who had invested his entire savings and went into credit card debt, had put $250,000 into Dogecoin in 2021, a cryptocurrency originally created as a joke. The 33-year-old investor made headlines when his Dogecoin holdings reached $2 million, claiming to be the “first Dogecoin millionaire of 2021.” Unfortunately for Contessoto, Dogecoin’s price experienced a sharp decline, dropping over 90% …

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