“Slurpy Day” US 7-Eleven distributes the company’s first NFT


Distribute anniversary NFTs

Seven-Eleven in the United States announced on the 11th that it will offer its first NFT (non-fungible token) service.

The announcement does not use the word NFT, explaining that what will be issued is a “digital collectible”. On the other hand, the contract calls it “Blockchain-based NFT”. According to overseas media, after the NFT is issued, it will be stored in the wallet of the newly created crypto asset (virtual currency) Polygon (MATIC).

What is a polygon

A project to tackle the scalability problem of Ethereum. We have developed multiple solutions such as “Polygon PoS” and “Polygon zkEVM”, which are being adopted by major companies.

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This service will be offered from 7:11 pm as part of the “Slurpee Day” event held by 7-Eleven on July 11th. A slurpee is a frozen drink. On this day, consumers could get free Slurpees at stores like 7-Eleven.

To issue an NFT, open a dedicated website and first pour your favorite flavor into a cup. After that, enter your name and other information to publish the Slurpee image that you poured yourself as an NFT, but at this time you need a US phone number. Also, you can’t pour Slurpee on your computer, and this feature is only for mobile devices.

Source: Seven-Eleven

7-Eleven executive Marissa Jarratt commented on the announcement:

We are always looking for new and creative ways to celebrate our favorite day of the year with our customers.

This year, we offered our first digital collectible, “Find Your Slurpee Vibe.”

The terms clearly state that NFTs cannot be transmitted or sold to third parties.

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NFT use cases

Although NFT has lost momentum for a while, its use is still expanding.

On the 11th, major US coffee chain Starbucks announced that it will collaborate with former Major League Baseball (MLB) player Micah Johnson on its own NFT program. This collaboration NFT “Aku Adventure” will be released on the 17th.

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Recently, a decentralized pawn shop service that borrows virtual currency by pawning luxury watches such as Rolex and Patek Philippe has been attracting attention. This service is realized by a combination of two protocols, “Arcade.xyz”, an NFT lending protocol, and “4K”, which stores physical assets and issues NFTs.

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