Mr. Watanabe, Astar Network, the key to breaking out of the bear market is “connection with existing finance” | WebX Conference


Global Web3 building infrastructure

At the WebX conference hosted by CoinPost Co., Ltd., Mr. Sota Watanabe, founder of Stake Technologies, which leads the Japanese public blockchain Astar Network (ASTR), and president of Startale Labs, gave a lecture on the 25th.

Watanabe announced plans to provide infrastructure services for global Web3 through Startale Labs. In the next six months, which he describes as “an important preparatory period for the next bull market,” he revealed that he plans to deepen cooperation with companies, financial institutions and governments and launch multiple projects.

The cornerstone of this is the “Startale Service Cloud,” which will be released in the future. Watanabe emphasized that the cloud service will provide all the blockchain components such as wallet apps, layer 1 blockchains, and its nodes in a vertically integrated manner, allowing companies to set up Web3 services with a single click.

Furthermore, just as the recovery from the previous bear market was caused by “decentralized finance (DeFi),” Mr. Watanabe said that the key to breaking away from the current bear market lies in “connecting with existing finance.” Therefore, Startale Labs said it aims to provide all necessary applications in the next five years to serve as a “bridge” between existing finance and Web3.

Startale Labs is an independent company from the Aster Foundation. The company is engaged in the development of Web3 business in Japan and related business consulting.

What is Startale Labs?

Startale Labs Japan was established in January 2011 by Sota Watanabe, the founder of Stake Technologies Inc., which develops the public blockchain “Astar Network (ASTR)” from Japan, with the aim of promoting web3 in Asia. It is a technology company specializing in Web3 infrastructure development with the slogan “Web3 for Billions — Building Web3 used by billions”. Japanese subsidiary Startale Labs Japan formed a capital tie-up with Sony Network Communications Inc. in June 2011.

In July, it announced that it had been selected as a member of the CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency) Forum established by the Bank of Japan. Through a cloud environment that can launch Web3 services with one touch, services and demonstration experiments combined with NFT are running at Seven Bank, CandyGirl, Haneda Airport, Hearti, etc.

connection:Startale Labs Japan Selected as a Member of the Bank of Japan CBDC Forum

What is Astar Network

Astar Network is Japan’s first international public blockchain. It is the 3rd ever parachain connected to Polkadot (DOT) and supports Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) and WebAssembly (WASM). We have created an environment that makes it easy for Web2 and Web3 developers to build dApps.

Mr. Watanabe, CEO of Stake Technologies, which leads the development of Astar, is actively involved in the ruling party’s Web3 project team and plays an important role in the Japanese government’s Web3.0 strategy formulation. In April 2010, I had a discussion about web 3.0 with Taro Kono (then Chief of Public Relations Headquarters) of the Liberal Democratic Party and Masaaki Taira, Internet Media Director.

Since 2022, we have been promoting partnerships with domestic governments and major companies, and Astar Network is rapidly increasing its presence in Japan.

Main Topics of Astar Network (ASTR)

In October 2010, NTT Docomo, Inc. concluded a basic agreement with Stake Technologies for the purpose of promoting Web 3.0. Both companies have launched a project to solve social issues using the concept of a distributed autonomous organization (DAO). Utilizing Web 3.0 technology, work on regional revitalization and planning of countermeasures against environmental problems.

connection:NTT DoCoMo concludes a basic agreement with Astar Network to spread Web3

In December 2010, advertising giant Hakuhodo announced the establishment of a joint venture, Hakuhodo Keithly, with Stake Technologies. The new company will carry out initiatives aimed at corporate Web 3.0 entry and popularization.

connection:Hakuhodo establishes Web3 joint venture with Stake Technologies

Hakuhodo Keithley Co., Ltd. will hold the first web3.0 global hackathon from February 14th to March 25th, 2023. Keithley’s hackathon is characterized by a corporate tie-up format held with sponsor companies. The first event will be co-sponsored by Toyota Motor Corporation with the theme of “development of DAO support tools for corporate projects”.

connection:Hakuhodo Keathley to Host Web 3.0 Hackathon Sponsored by Toyota from February 14th

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