Lightning Labs Announces Development Tool to Connect AI and Bitcoin


AI agents for bitcoin management can also be created

Lightning Labs, developer of the Lightning Network (LN), the second-layer technology that enables high-speed Bitcoin (BTC) payments, today announced the launch of a new suite of tools designed for artificial intelligence (AI) development. Announced.

It allows developers to build AI infrastructures that are more accessible to both humans and agents (programs that run independently).

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What is Lightning Network

An off-chain technology that uses Layer 2 to eliminate the transaction processing capacity of Bitcoin. By introducing the Lightning Network, transactions can be conducted outside the blockchain, which tends to be congested, leading to faster transactions and lower fees. If transactions are made faster and fees are reduced, it will be possible to make small payments, which is expected to lead to the creation of new products and services.

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First, there is “LangChainBitcoin,” which uses the library “Langchain,” which simplifies the operation of AI agents.

It includes a set of tools called “LLM Agent BitcoinTools” that can call and leverage the newly released GPT functions of OpenAI.

With it, you can create an AI agent that leverages Lightning to manage Bitcoin. Agents can manage bitcoin balances, send and receive bitcoins on the Lightning Network, and interact with Lightning nodes.

In addition, the latest version of L402 protocol-related reverse proxy (an intermediate proxy server placed between the client and the server) “Aperture” has also been released. Any API can be turned into a pay-as-you-go resource and placed on the Lightning Network.

AI development and virtual currency

Lightning Labs also explained the background behind why they are combining the Lightning Network with AI.

First, because AI agents (programs that run autonomously) are not “business entities,” it is difficult for them to access fiat currency payment systems. On the other hand, AI agents also have to pay for using APIs and paid data sources.

At that time, payments such as bitcoin and the Lightning Network, which can be used around the world without permission and can be settled almost instantly, will be attractive to the creators of AI agents.

He went on to say that in order for the majority of people to have equitable access to the latest AI models, we need new ways that even those without the most advanced hardware can do it.

Lightning Labs developed the L402 protocol in 2020 to address these issues. It can be used by any internet-connected device or any entity with the ability to send and receive bitcoins, and can process large amounts of payments instantly.

Lightning Labs is updating the L402 protocol to make it more user-friendly for AI developers and others.

Raise 10 billion yen in 2022

Since 2016, Lightning Labs has been developing the Bitcoin L2 solution “Lightning Network”.

In April 2022, it announced a product “Taro” that enables the use of stablecoins in apps that use the Lightning Network.

At this time, about 10 billion yen ($70 million) was raised from Valor Equity Partners and others through Series B funding.

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