‘Do Exactly The Opposite Of What Cramer Says’ — Bitcoin Bull Samson Mow Takes A Hard Swipe at ‘Mad Money’ Host, Doesn’t Spare ‘Black Swan’ Author Either

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Samson Mow took a jibeat the criticisms directed toward Bitcoin (CRYPTO: BTC) by prominent figures and vocal Bitcoin critics Jim Cramer and ‘Black Swan’ author Nassim Nicholas Taleb. What Happened: Mow, the CEO of Bitcoin firm Jan3 told Benzinga, “Firstly, you should do exactly the opposite of what Cramer says… It’s just constant noise.” When Bitcoin broke the $17,000 price in January, Cramer said it was an excellent opportunity to exit the market. In his words: “[It is a] good chance again to get out of crypto and scale out of Chinese stocks as neither can be trusted.” Earlier, in March, he u…

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