Jack Dorsey Asks CEO Tim Cook to Add Bitcoin to Apple Pay


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Former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, who now heads financial company Block, said on the 27th to Tim Cook, CEO of US IT giant Apple, why Apple Pay is a cryptocurrency (virtual currency). ) complained whether it does not support Bitcoin (BTC).

The complaint stems from Apple’s response to the decentralized social networking app Damus. Last month, Apple pointed out that Damus’ Bitcoin tipping function “Zaps” using the Lightning Network violated the guidelines and warned that the app would be removed from the app store if it did not respond within the deadline.

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At that time, Apple told Damus that it had re-examined version 1.4.3 of the app. And if the tip leads to or is related to receiving digital content, then you have to use the in-app purchase mechanism, and Damus pointed out that he didn’t follow that rule.

In response to this allegation, Dorsey argued that at the time, he felt that Apple had misunderstood how Zaps works and what it is for. In addition, many pointed out that Zaps is not an act to purchase something.

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Mr. Dorsey appealed as at the beginning because Apple has proposed to Damus to use Apple Pay as one of the solutions this time. In response to the proposal, Dorsey has called for Apple Pay to support Bitcoin. Cook’s response could not be confirmed on Twitter.

Damus response

In this regard, Damus said, “When Apple Pay becomes censorship-resistant and supports P2P (peer-to-peer) payments, we will use Apple Pay.”

What is P2P

P2P in the virtual currency area refers to a form in which users can directly trade with each other without going through an intermediary. In addition, it may refer to a network form in which connected computers communicate with each other without going through a central server.

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After all, Damus updated to version “1.5” on the 28th. Until now, each post had a button for making a tip, but the latest version only has a button in the profile section. Users who see a post and want to tip should move to the profile section.

Looking at Apple’s comments posted on Twitter, it is written that if the posted content is not designed to be able to tip directly, there is no need to use in-app purchases.

At the moment, it seems that the solution this time is that you can throw coins from the profile column. Damus argued that the solution “is a heavy burden to force developers to use Apple’s solution that doesn’t even address the P2P trading use case.”

In response to this response, Damus commented, “I’m glad that Zaps was developed as an open protocol so that it can run on personal computers and Android versions.” He also said he is considering releasing an Android version of the app.

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