Apple Denies Approval of Updates to Bitcoin Wallet Zeus


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Evan Kaloudis, the founder of crypto asset (virtual currency) Bitcoin (BTC) wallet “Zeus”, announced on the 14th that the new version of Zeus “0.7.6” was not approved by Apple Inc.

Apple pointed out that although the app performs cryptocurrency remittances, it has not submitted which companies are the corresponding exchanges or authorized financial institutions. It also asks to submit documentation that proves that it is licensed to offer an app with cryptocurrency trading functionality.

According to the app store history, the version of Zeus is currently “0.7.5”. The update to this version was made on the 1st of last month. Kaloudis said the next update won’t add money transfer functionality. He also said that Zeus does not have the ability to buy or sell bitcoin.

Many virtual currency wallets can be downloaded from Apple’s app store, and it seems that Zeus has been able to provide them without any complaints. Kaloudis didn’t say how he would respond.

What is a wallet

A digital asset wallet is an electronic wallet dedicated to digital assets such as virtual currency. It is mainly used to store digital assets.

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Apple’s response example

Regarding Apple’s response, on the 13th, it announced that the decentralized SNS project “Damus” had been pointed out to have violated the guidelines.

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Claims that “Zaps”, a function that allows Bitcoin tipping using the Lightning Network, is equivalent to buying and selling digital content, and that it violates the guidelines unless it is done through an in-app billing mechanism. It warned that the app will be removed from the app store if it is not addressed within 14 days.

After that, about Damus, it was decided to discuss with Apple again, but at this time Apple explained that “we reinvestigated Damus”. The reason for the reinvestigation is not clear, but together with this Zeus case, it became clear that the crackdown was being strengthened. For Damus, Jack Dorsey and others have called for a reconsideration of the response.

At the time of writing this article, Damus still allows Zaps to be used on a per-post basis, but eventually it is possible that Zaps will be available from the profile section but not on a per-post basis. be.

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