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TBD, a division of Jack Dorsey’s financial technology company Block, unveiled an open-source toolkit for its “Web5” project at the “Bitcoin 2023” conference in Miami on May 18. Announced.

The toolkit includes a Decentralized Identifier (DID), a self-owned identifier that cannot be tampered with, a Verified Certificate (VC), a digital certificate that provides legal proof, and a Decentralized Web Node ( DWN)”, which will make it easier to create decentralized Internet applications.

While the full Web5 platform is expected in late 2023, the toolkit allows developers to start building decentralized applications on TBD’s developer platform.

The first application TBD will launch on its Web5 platform is a remittance app for Africa and Mexico, using Bitcoin (BTC) and stablecoins as payment methods.

“We think remittances are probably the closest thing to Bitcoin and stablecoins short-term killer app. The cross-border remittance market is in turmoil,” Block said.

Block, who announced Web5 in June 2022, describes the Web5 project as “a set of technologies that will enhance the web with decentralized identity, personal data storage, and verifiable data exchange capabilities.”

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|Original: Jack Dorsey-backed TBD Launches New Web5 Toolkit to Decentralize the Internet

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