DEUS Stablecoin DEI Hacked, Damage Over 650 Million Yen


Attack on Deus Finance

DeFi (decentralized finance) protocol Deus Finance was hacked on the 5th. The amount of damage on Arbitrum, L2 of Ethereum, exceeded about 650 million yen ($5 million), while about 170 million yen ($1.3 million) was illegally leaked from the BNB chain. The crypto asset (virtual currency) stolen in both cases is the DEI stablecoin issued by DEUS.

In addition, it seems that white hackers have recovered some funds on the BNB chain and returned some funds to DeusDao. It seems that the Front Rambot, which preempts hacker transactions by paying high gas prices, was activated.

According to blockchain security firm Packshield, the main culprit is related to a bug in the burn function. Because the order of the account granting permission (sender) and the account receiving permission (owner) were reversed, anyone could burn or steal someone else’s token.

What is Burn

Burning is the act of reducing the number of cryptocurrencies issued. In this case, it was done to prevent illegally obtained tokens from circulating and to minimize the impact on token value and project credibility.

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DEUS response

DEUS has announced that it has suspended related contracts and, with the help of white hats, has burned DEIs in circulation to prevent further abuse. DEUS thanked the ethical hackers who rescued the funds from the DEI exploit, and urged ethical hackers who have not yet contacted them to get in touch with them.

DEUS Finance uses its own token “DEUS” issuance and burning mechanism to bring the price of the stablecoin DEI close to $1.

The protocol has been hacked twice in the past. All of them were manipulated by price oracles using flash loans, and about $3 million in DAI and ETH were stolen in March 2022. In April of the same year, approximately $13.4 million was stolen from the DEI. At the time, DEUS Finance had announced that it would repay the stolen assets to its clients.

What is white hacker

A person who uses knowledge and technology for good ends, such as dealing with cybercrime. Counter cybercrime by black hackers and improve information security for companies and countries.

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connection:Hacking damage of over 1.6 billion yen in multiple DeFi protocols such as Deus Finance

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